Why does funcom not fix the spoil rate?

I don’t understand why Funcom has done NOTHING about the spoil rate in this game. It is a known issue and has been for years. The spoil rate does not work, even when changed directly through the private server we own. I have changed this setting multiple times but it never actually affects the spoil rate in game. If it does work it’s only for a few mins and then reverts itself to 0.100000. Now why it’s reverting itself back to this particular number is beyond me. Everything still spoils and very quickly. There have been tons of posts about this for years so why will Funcom not fix this? Cheating in a preserving box is NOT an answer to the problem!!! There’s no access to this until at least lvl 43 so you expect us to have to use most of our gaming time to have to grind for meat, plant materials and cooking items and then cook them but … it all goes bad anyway so every time you log in this is how you are FORCED to spend time.
YES I am using the right numbers and they should be accepted values. I want a slow spoil rate but .001, doesn’t work or any other number used so far whether whole number or decimal value. It is not the mod order as this was happening for weeks without any mods at all on there. I did change the mod order, a few times and the list is followed to the exact order which Multigun and other modders have suggested. People on the support team with the server company can’t figure it out as they have changed the settings for me and the same issue occurs. The server was migrated and changed and still same issue. NOTHING works to slow down the rate and even if you set it to 0 it does not turn off like it should.
So now please explain to me why so many people have complained about this very same issue for YEARS with no resolve? People from all over the world, all different server companies but all with this same issue. This is not a problem to be fixed? Players should be forced to grind for food just to stay alive as most of their game time? Or forced to cheat? That’s :poop:.

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I have a Ps4 server. Set spoilage on Gportal site. Also set it ingame in settings. Don’t know if that helps you or not. My server been up a couple years and it seems to work fine.


Ok , I just try to understand here . You call preservation boxes cheating ,but trying to reduce spoil rate isn’t ? I really wonder why most of the admins try to change the game and don’t actually learn it . It is very important to have spoil rate , very important . How in the earth you will fix eggs to hatchlings if you don’t have spoil timer ? All you care is not to have putrid meat in your inventory ? Putrid meat will give you compost and compost will give you potent compost , why ? Grey lotus flowers need it , because they are extremely rare in the game . Every seed is giving you ten flowers but only with potent compost .So putrid meat is very important .
Now if you want to preserve food before lvl 43 , all you have to do is fix thrall pots or feeding boxes and their spoil timer reduces a lot .
Play the game as a player and not as an admin and you’ ll understand that going lvl 43 needs max 3 gaming days , max and I am speaking about official experience leveling not X2 or X10 .
If you are admin ,give a starter pack to your server players including preservation boxes with some ice and your problem solved .

Learn the game m8

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ConanServer / DedicatedServerLauncher / ConanExilesDedicatedServer / ConanSandbox / Saved / Config / WindowsServer

Make sure you follow that path because there is another “config” folder that is not the one you want.

Find “ServerSetings.ini” make sure it is not set to read only.
Open in a text editor like note pad, find ItemSpoilRateScale=1.00000
And set it to “0.1” that is about as slow a spoil rate as you can get as far as I can tell.
then save and the setting should stick.
If you want no spoilage use “0.0” but that would be cheating :wink:

Server Settings Wiki page

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Good lord dont ever play Ark.

For real. Ark is just, split your meat stack, go get a drink, and voila, come back to 50 spoiled meat.

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Like Sestus says, I use the Gportal setting, and then change the ‘in game’ setting also (so they match) honestly I have no problems with this.

I do agree though , if you are playing on an official server the default spoil settings are a bit OTT.

Along with the thirst and hunger settings, these are usually the first things I adjust.


There is no problem with the spoil rate setting. I’ve hosted 4 servers and never had an issue with adjusting spoil rate timers.

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Spoil rate is fine on Officials.

Gee, they havent been complaining on this forum much. I think your the second private server complainer, unless you are the same complainer as before.
I am going to go out on a limb and say “User Error.”


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So true . Khari water skin , berry pulp , soups etc , everything is going to the bin . I do respect however that some players don’t want to play actually the game , they hate stamina loss , they hate durability loss , hunger , thirst , etc … but removing these from the game ,most of the game is pointless and the gaming experience really low . Still , this is the way they like to play and I can only respect that :woman_shrugging:t3: . But they loose a lot .


That reminds me of the time I was looking for a nice private server and I tried one that turned out to have the sprint stamina cost multiplier set to 0. So you could run around and sprint forever without spending any stamina. I logged out 5 minutes after discovering that :laughing:


@CodeMage ,The worst part is when thirst is going to 0,01 . Water skins do not work and the only way to take back humidity is to drink all the water well :rofl::rofl::rofl: . You actually become a :camel: . Keeping you inventory , and other settings like this ,just spoil the players and if they happen to play on official settings environment it is to difficult for them to adjust because they are afraid to loose . I keep saying that the best way to love the game and to respect every single item this game offers is to play on barbaric mode single player , but without cheatings . I remember years ago in Minecraft you had an option to play the game in the hard difficulty but the game would end exactly the time you die without having a chance to play again in this world . No matter how cruel it was to loose all this farming and builds because of a f…ng creeper , I finally killed the dragon and the feeling was priceless . The same happened when in barbaric mode I manage to collect all the items and remove my bracelet . Ofcurse I did this challenge before the god thrall buff . When the thralls will be nerfed again I will do it once more :wink: .

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I have set the rate to lowest setting but problem is IN game everything spoils extremely fast anyway. I have tried to shut off the spoil rate but it WILL NOT allow me to no matter how I do it. If I set it through the server company it reverts back to the game default number. Yes it is stopped at time of change, saved and then restarted after a few minutes. No change. Some items are spoiling in multiples. Items are completely disappearing - including complete stacks. The server company claims this is due to the game default settings and I must change it within the game server. I have tried but it will NOT go lower than 0.1 whether you use the slider or insert numbers in the box. Either way results in it reverting to that default number. Nothing else will hold a value. 0 does not work, 0.0 does not work. So it will NOT ALLOW ME TO SHUT IT OFF.
Using a preserving bin at lvl 2 IS a cheat as you do not have access until a much higher lvl.

and yes I’ve played Ark for over 2,000 hrs and have managed servers for a few yrs now.

Just to clarify. I’m not changing the game so that I don’t have to farm resources or not have putrid meat. You don’t seem to understand - the spoil rate is BROKEN. Some items spoil every few seconds. Some spoil every min or 5 mins. Items are spoiling in multiples at a time and entire stacks of items just disintegrate. One example is cooking steaks at a fire - I make a few, go into my feats for 2 mins and when I come back to my inventory there’s only 1 left out of 8 because the others spoiled and disappeared in that tiny amount of time. There are NO grubs in compost because they spoil every 2 mins. The spoiled meat disappears out of the compost bin so quickly that it’s damn near impossible to make compost. I KNOW I need compost for plants and eggs. I HAVE BEEN PLAYING AS A PLAYER and understand early game grind. Problem is with NO food, no way to preserve food at all and no way to keep meals with you to survive = death. To use thrall pots or anything else as a preservation container you have to get ice - can you get up north in the bitter cold within your starter days to get it? No. I did not increase exp gain or advance leveling. Bugs spoil and disappear out of the bug trap before a fish is caught and the fish that are caught spoil so fast the whole trap empties and you’re lucky to get 5 fish out of it even with tons of supplies. Sooooo … explain to me why I wouldn’t want to slow down the busted spoil rate so we can actually survive by hunting, gathering, cooking and making items we need BY PLAYING THE GAME?

HELLOOOOO Funcom ??? There’s no real support and I’m forced to post in a forum when I need real support? A few of your server settings are completely broken. The most important one is the spoil rate. What is the lowest acceptable spoil rate? Why will the game server NOT allow me to set it to 0 and turn off the spoil rate? Why do none of the values entered change the spoil rate at all? Why does it allow you to enter a value that is not acceptable? Why does the slider not go all the way down to 0? Why can’t I enter 0 as a value to stop it? My server company tells me that it MUST be done inside the game as changing it in the server itself does nothing? Not sure why there are adjustable settings server side when half of them DO NOT work unless changed directly in the game. There have been numerous posts, complaints and people pleading for at least 2 years about this same problem so why has nothing been done to fix this yet?
Also WHY IN THE WORLD DOES FUNCOM NOT HAVE ANY REAL SUPPORT? All the money this company makes and the best we get is this forum that none of them even bother to check? Thanks a lot Funcom :rage: :broken_heart:

Well sorry to say but there is no support from Funcom on the weekends ever. They do not work weekends, they do not check posts on weekends and they sure will not answer anyone on the weekend. They work bankers hours sorry.

thanks for the help but the problem is none of these values are accepted and revert back to 0.010000 on it’s own. I have tried to change in the server settings, game settings, both and all results in same issue. The server is stopped when I make the change, saved and I have even waited to restart the server to make sure it reads the new value. It does not change the spoil rate in game at all no matter what number it is set at. On the rare occasion it holds the value after restarting the game it only lasts for a few mins and then reverts back while in game - one second your food has one spoil rate and then the next second it switches back right in front of your eyes and spoils quick as hell. Supposedly this isn’t even possible but …

They have not checked at ALL in the 2 weeks this post has been up and there have been plenty of weekdays in there.

I will be honest in my time on the forums all you will get if you ever even get an answer is “we will have our team check it, sorry for your frustration” and never hear a word back. The community help with a work around with the server ini is to be honest the best you will get on funcom forums. I wish it was different but they will never change, their customer service is lacking.