Why does it take so long to restart the servers?

I’m curious to know the real reason why it takes so long for Funcom to restart the servers. I feel like the game worked better when they were on vacation. So, now they they are back, why isn’t one person manning the desk waiting for the servers to crash so they can press the do-overbutton. I’m not a programmer so I don’t understand the technical side but it seems as if it shouldn’t be that hard to give a little extra effort or just to acknowledge there’s a problem and plan for it. If I allowed such a lapse of service to occur in my profession on a regular basis I would have been fired. Please understand I don’t want to be inflammatory but I would appreciate some answers.


An answer would definitely be appreciated.

Good luck with that. Go down the history of the ‘Players Helping Players’ forum (which was recently renamed from ‘Support’, probably for this very reason) to see the numerous threads of servers being down with no official replies.

There is no support, if a server goes down consider yourself lucky if it comes back up before the next morning’s automated restart.

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