Why does the game wants to rearrange 26GB of disk space after a 2gb hotfix?

WTf Funcom. more characters needed to post.

Steam doing steam things?

The hotfix was less than 2 gb for me and it took 4 min in total to download the update and launch the game:



Sounds plausible to me. I got the same result you did this time (1.4 gb, around 5 mins total time), but I’ve often felt like steam itself is the biggest bottleneck on my system - my downloads seemed to be capped at 3.5mb/s until I changed ISP and now they seem to be capped at 4.5mb/s (despite everything other than steam running far faster). My best guess is just that steam has to be compatible with so many different systems, different ISPs, different games, that sometimes with some combinations it just doesn’t work quite as well as planned…


If you really want to know why, you can start here and then explore related topics:


Yep. UE4 can do a lot of cool things, but unfortunately the way it handles data archives is a teeny bit inconvenient.

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For me it was a 1.9GB update, but there were people commenting on the Steam announcement post that were complaining about 20GB+ downloads, so it does appear to be quite variable.

Generally, when there is a patch, you need to replace any files that contain changes. I would guess that certain configurations or mod setups are causing Steam to flag specific large files as needing to be updated, thus leading those downloads to be much larger. It’s hard to tell without access to the update logs though.

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