Why i cant do the spear swing attack?

Hi, I dont know how to do the swing spear attack, I show u wht i mean bc i cant share video link,

Can u help me ? :confused:

As one who started playing last year, the spear only have poking attack since then.
I had seen older playthrough when the spear attack differently.


Same here only seen video of swing spear attacks if you are speaking of spinning type.

it is too bad they remove that, maybe was too strong :confused:

so wht is the best type of weapon ? double blades ?

You mean like this?


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Man watching that footage made me nostalgic. I miss the old light attack set for the Spear.


Depends on your mode of play Zone. But most people will tell you the one-handed War Axe nowdays.

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You play on consoles, right? Isn’t it possible to set it to offline mode and install the disc version from 2018 ? So you will have an old, unpatched Conan :smiley:

Depends on what you’re whacking. Against some opponents, you’ll want a shield, so a one-handed axe or sword may be best there. Slow opponents with lots of hitpoints are best dealt with using daggers (bleed and possibly poison, too), whereas I find spears best against pouncing animals such as big dogs and cats. And sometimes you’re just helping your thrall with the kill, in which case a hammer to sunder enemy armor is useful.

Most weapons are situationally useful, and (in my opinion) no weapon is the best for everything. I tend to try daggers first if I don’t know how the opponent fights.

And that’s really the way it should be IMO. There shouldn’t ever be a “best type of weapon” outside of the one you personally find to work best for you.


Spear now only works on npc’s stunlocking you lol

Using it yourself has become pretty useless after these changes.
I used spear a lot, nowadays I never use it, other weapons are much better.

That’s the funny thing. Spear is still the best weapon for PvP (players fighting players). In PvE it’s one of the worst.

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True, only useful for hunting non aggressive animals, or beastly barbaric humans :’)

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While it is certainly possible @SirDaveWolf, however it is not worth the trouble. We cannot flick back and for between versions at will on consoles. The only way I could go about this would be to uninstall the game entirely, then reinstall it but refuse to update to the latest version. While we would have the old movesets, we would also be missing ALL post launch content, including the Jungle, Frozen North & Volcano biomes, the Derketo, Ymir & Zath religions, the Unnamed City, Mounts, pets, thrall levelling, and all DLCs would not work.

So is it possible and would it work? Under the right conditions: sure. But is it worth trading off all of that just for retro spear animations: nah.


This is very true. Both Spears and Bows are big time underperformers in PvE.

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The combo I missed a lot is the 2 handed sword .

About spears and bows on normal mode you are very correct , on hard mode pve however every single weapon counters an opponent , or at least it use to , since now almost all the mobs and some bosses are very staggered from almost any weapon . I haven’t tried however the last 18 months to play barbaric mode again , but I guess the reaction of the mobs is not different there .

For me the early weapon is always stone daggers and darfari stone axe . My main however is like you said war axe , except the speed of the combo attack , the bleed , the rarely combo break , or the necessity to hold a torch too . For some idiotic reasons I sometimes hold torch even in day light :rofl::rofl::rofl: .
Sword and short sword are really good too , but only in 1vs1 fights .
Mace hits really hard , but the heavy attack combo is really slow and can be stopped by almost any mob , so I use them really rare and especially on skeleton fights .
Great sword goes only on my thralls , i still didn’t digest the new combo .
Hammers are cool , but that’s it . I hate the stamina loss .
Spears are overestimated weapons in this game , especially on PvP , still the greatest terror in PvP is the bow , axe and daggers , one really skilled player with these weapons and the correct build can crash any opponent in seconds , especially the reach of the red mother with holobone arrows , you won’t understand how you died .
2 handed axe I still haven’t use it .
Katana … no I’ll pass , the only use I ever found on this weapon is to unblock my self from thrall stupidity :rofl::rofl::rofl: .
Claws , really cool weapon , really cool , yet the rarity on exile lands was so great that kept me away from using them . Now in Siptah I already have 2 ,so I will start using them because I believe that this weapon hides a lot of secrets and benefits .


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