Why is EVERYTHING "game breaking"?

Having done a fair bit of programming in my day, and having talked with our programmers who also play the game, we are in agreement that the current blue screen issue is an unanticipated (surprise!) issue which most likely stems from either an expected or unexpected data exchange between the server and the base game code. In other words, the game is expecting a certain bit of information from the server, and the last patch removed the need for that information, intentionally or not, and the program does not know what to do. Or, there is information transmitted that was not done before, and the program doesn’t know what to do with it.

Either way, it is an easy fix, but not always a quick one. It has to be thoroughly tested to ensure something else wasn’t affected. So, expect to find another issue. That’s just the nature of constant updating.

As for me, I have found the blue screen to happen when I run up on a station and interact before it completes rendering. I have also crashed when logging out of the game, which is not a problem because I never log out with any weapons or armor on me.


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