Why is EVERYTHING "game breaking"?

There are far too many posts that every change is “game breaking”. Right now, with the last update, I counted four posts about the passive health regeneration rate being “game breaking”, because you regen health faster than that person thinks you should.

The Sword of Crom is too powerful. It’s “game breaking”.
Thralls can use it. It’s “game breaking”.
Oil of Penetration. It’s “game breaking”.
Lifeblood is too powerful. It’s “game breaking”.
Claws of Jhebbal Sag? It’s “game breaking”.
Dina the Huntress spawns in two places at once. It’s “game breaking”.

This is the last straw. With the new “insert whatever here” I can’t do this anymore. the game is broken, and this is my last post. (Please, make it your last post. Pretty please)

And it goes on and on and on and…you get the picture.

DISCLAIMER: The following is satirical. I am dismayed that I have to point out that it is satirical, because that’s just sad. If I don’t point out that this is satire, there are those who will comment as if this is serious, because they are A) not paying attention, or B) too stupid to realize it’s humor.

Frankly, the fact that I can run through a crocodile, but a bunny stops me cold is game breaking. I can no longer stomach this obvious programming error that makes the almighty rabbit the speed bump that breaks my flow.

If this is not fixed, immediately, I will uninstall the game, shred the disc, stop posting, and enter a year long meditative state to center my being.

End Satire

Seriously, I am in full support of finding boo boos and bringing them to the attention of the community, but can we stop with the “game breaking” nonsense?


? You read another forum or where are the “game breaking” threads? (And not from testlive, because this is for testing values of items)

FC currently breaks their game with patches that makes no sense anyway…

Words matter. There is a difference between “game breaking” and “breaking a game”.

Oh I wanna be able to tame the “almighty rabbit” now! Lol

I was unaware that the topics mentioned were used in other games.


I left out the whole “running of the lava is game breaking” thread from a couple months back.

Not yours. There was another post from a PvP clan that had built over lava to protect themselves, and they were threatening to leave the game because of the change.

Whenever there’s an update, you can just look around the various sections and find posts from players claiming the game is broken because of any number of issues (my favorite is the role playing element is broken). It got to the point I only came to the forum to see what was new from the developers, or to find out if a legitimate problem had been brought up. Sometimes, just to help a player with a problem that can be solved easily.


Here are a couple of lava “we are going to delete the game/you’re gonna lose players” threads , and the latest use of game breaking BS

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Passive regeneration so fast you are in God-mode lite is definitely game breaking. I pay for and run a server. Am I going to delete the game? Hell no. But it isnt currently playable in its combat aspects…


Please, that’s exactly what this post is about. The game is certainly playable in every aspect. We spent the evening killing each other with abandon. Poison, bleeds, and multiple hits worked just fine.


Well, for me, as one consumer who has payed for the game, every DLC, and a monthly server hosting fee, the passive regeneration made the game so easy that it wasn’t worth playing.

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This thread, love it. Thank you very much. If i want to read salty comments, i’d rather find it in firespark videos rather than this forum.

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Maybe not in words, but a common perception is that they nerf whatever people complain about on the forums. That can definitely be considered a “response”.

No response can be good at times, it may mean they are working on the game instead of reading forums. In any case I’m sure moderators look the forums every day, but can’t respond to every single one of us, it’s more than comprehensible.

It’s impossible to play at certains for me as the purges are not complying with the settings are going off continuously even though there is only one player on the game and its not set to go if unless there are two or more. Also Im crashing every five minutes or so probably due to the continous purges that are going off. I love playing this game but at the moment its vitually unplayable :frowning: I am a Ps4 user and my poor Ps4 seems to be working overtime on the game. I want to be able to build my pvp arena :slight_smile: Also what have you done to my Lance :cries: It was so uselful when getting overwhelmed but mobs to be able to swing it and knock them all down. Now only being able to hit the one in front of me I’m getting ganged up on :frowning: time to look for a new weapon i guess.

What breaking the game for us is all the damn nerf they keep doing. They give us cool weapons and armor and some RPER complains about how OP they “THINK” it is and next thing you know all the***everyone worked hard to get to have a tough character is not the same as having a stone spear. One of the big reason many people left conan aside from exploits

Excuse me, as a rp’er I feel insulted. Tha fact is that as such, I use weapons according to my character I am playing, I don’t care if the weapon is top of the line, or the worst ever, in fact I played a darfari all the way with darfari armor and weapons for a long time. It is not rp’ers who change things, on the contrary, I as rp’er couldn’r care less about it, but I care for the immersion and charcterization.

Blaming rp’ers for nerfs is just plain…

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HP Regen was hot fixed. So we know that Funcom agreed that it was game-breaking.

Something that renders entire features of the game useless/pointless, is clearly game-breaking. The HP regen bug made is so that you did not need a gas mask, hearing aids, or even to avoid heatstroke and frostbite.

The problem is funcom is trying to make everyone happy and u cant do that, Examples: Pvpers complained about the lifeblood spear. Funcom did something about it and mad everyone else mad. Ppl complained about the j claws, funcom nerfed it. Im sure there is a thread on here complainin about it. Ppl wanted something in the form of legendary potions, we got the oils. Ppl complained about epic armors costing hardened steel. (hotfix on pc notes) They made hardened steel a lil easier and faster to make. Now everyone is complainin it takes black ice.

Is the hp regen messed up atm, YES. Do the oils work properly? NO. Are certain aspects op atm? Yes. Does any of this make it to where u cant play the game? NO.

The only game breaker is whatever bug keeps causing ppl to blue screen. I personally have not had this issue but i keep seeing it pop up so im throwing it in here

lol they broke the lifeblood spear into pieces after the complaints.

Hardened steel is fine.

is the HP regen messed up AGAIN? YES.
Do oils work properly? NO.
Is there always something OP?. YES.


Are spears almost useless? YES.
Are spears now way 2 slow?. YES
Are daggers viable after the patch ? NO.
Can you remove bleeding?. NO. No need. Regen OP.

How strong is the cripple of bandies supposed to be? Yes.
How buggy do we want this patch this time? Yes.

regarding daggers, since u cant stunlock anymore im still use to the playstyle, Ive never uded them till now but venom infused daggers do work rather nicely.

I never use spears so i cant speak for that, i tried but didnt like the feel of the playstyle. Always been hammer/ 2hsword/ dagger. Btw the 2h sword combo sucks now. Not gamebreakin though.

Yeah i was one of the many that complained about the lifeblood nerf. However i only used it when traveling/ farming as i wasnt to keen on losing it in a duel or raid if i died. So i camt speak for ppl who had to deal with it in a pvp scenario.