Why is my custom Bottom Bar splitting when NPC targets me? I used this in the past and it worked well. I would like to update the XML file's code if anyone can help

After a long time away, (3+ years), I decided to give AoC another go. I customized beeUI’s bottombar back in the day and it still works except now the bar splits when an NPC targets me. The only custom files I require are …/customized/Views/HUD

  • BottomBar.xml
  • CharPortraitLeft.xml
  • CharPortraitRight.xml

I would post a screenshot but I am a new user and not yet permitted. If anyone can help me out, you can check out a screenshot and the XML files in my shared dropbox folder: /sh/g1gn9ck63r5o5iu/AABRRssQlslgPa5J9fKsOb3ma?dl=0

Added picture /Sunstar


I’m no expert by any means, but I suspect the Target’s Target health bar is positioned in such a way that it’s causing the split. Make a backup and try playing with the location in the CharPortraitRight.xml.

Thanks Subi! The code was in that file. For the “TargetContainerView” it was the layout borders

I will play with that file some more. I built it so long ago that I can’t remember all the aspects of the code. You are correct though, it is the target’s target that causes the issue.

Thanks for adding the screenshot Sunstar! :+1: