Why Is No One Talking About This Stuff

This stuff needs to be talked about.


Some of this stuff has been talked about. It’s why I don’t like that YouTube channel. He picks and chooses his “facts” like a politician to try to get emotional likes then later does a glossed over half hearted apology. Mounts are canceled for engine limitation reasons. They had a working prototype but could not move faster than players because of the way the game streams terrain. Thrall settlement system if I recall was an over ambitious attempt that was canceled when it was realized the load would be too much for the game to handle. Sorcery will be released later. The rest is from these forums and are talked about on here daily and have been acknowledged by funcom as being worked on or not able to replicate yet. I might have missed some stuff and he is not completely wrong but he is not completely right either


I like the way the Thread Title makes you think you’re fixing to open an article about Rohingyan Genocide.

Most of the Stuff in the Video gets discussed either on these forums or on Twitter ad naseam. Definitely good click bait though.

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Lmao, yh, everytime I YouTube exiles there this is. Alot like the F13 youtubers.

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Here’s Joel Bylos announcing these features at GDC
Published on Mar 6, 2017

The reason these features haven’t been discussed more is they’ve clearly been overshadowed by an extraordinary amount of bugs and the slow response to fix them. Funcom needs to focus on fixing the game they have, before seriously entertaining the idea of releasing substantial content.


This presentation is not for gamers, it’s for investors. Who cannot see that, well, I am sorry for you.

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Whats your point?

This video is published on Funcoms Youtube channel, These were intended features for the game that many players in early access expected to see at some point, The way I look at it EA players were “Investors”

I also stated it was at GDC alot of gamers pay very close attention to what happens there.

Did you even watch the entire video?

From Wikipedia
The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is the largest annual gathering of professional video game developers, focusing on learning, inspiration, and networking. The event includes an expo, networking events, awards shows such as the Independent Games Festival and the Game Developers Choice Awards, and a variety of tutorials, lectures, and roundtables by industry professionals on game-related topics covering programming, design, audio, production, business and management, and visual arts.

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Do you want me to explain this to you point blank? Cause I won’t do it, really, I have better things to do. So instead of jumping down my throat go ask Bylos what did they do with 5 to 10 million dollars regarding this game? Better ask him what happened to the money they got from selling a half functional product?

Corpse lockers? Corpses thrown with the trebuchets? The purge? Mounts? Mounted combat? Sorcery? Settlement system? Animal thralls?

Did YOU watch the video? As I said, I am sorry for you.


If you really have better things to do why are you here man? I think the point I was originally trying to make just went over your head.

The Thread title is “why is no one talking about this Stuff”
The OP’s video is from a youtuber talking about the features that were announced at GDC.

So I posted the source video.

My point is that no one is discussing those features because of the poor state the game has been in since launch day. I wasn’t trippin on Funcom’s money.

Ok, let me apologize. I fully understand now; I just noticed the Bylos video, and went nuclear, cause almost everything he mentions in there is just childhood dreams.

I admit I didn’t read the text UNDER your video. I am sorry, I do apologize.


No worries m8, were all frustrated, if we didn’t actually love something about this mess of a game we wouldn’t even be here.


True, I’d rather be playing the game instead of typing messages, but… well. We are here.

Yea Funcom needs to get their butt into gear. I love this game but if they don’t fix the simple bugs that have been around since release within the next month or two before adding more content i’m going to have to start playing something else and change my review to a negative until these issues are seriously looked at.
The last patch was a step in the right direction, but a lot still needs to be fixed.


red dead 2 is around the coner :wink:


Yeah I’ve been watching alot of Westworld lately, now I’m itchin to play red dead 2

Cannot wait. Should be a complete game too :heart_eyes: