Why is the water cooking so an stupid system?

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Not a bug, but an stupid water cooking system!
To become purified water we must do:
-need glass for craft an glass bottle
-filled up the glass bottle with water
-can only cooked the water in the cooking station to become purified water

Why so stupid? Why we have not an easy water system?
-craft an bucket on a workbench
-filled up with water
-can cooked in cooking station or fire place for purified water

The water system today is an horror! You build your main base at water and if you not have glass, so you can’t take water for cooking the most recipes! That’s a bad joke!

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I have to agree a bit because many Darfari and other tribesmen’s loot included purified water WHILE none of those villages had stoves…

But they have fire places!

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kinda agree. sure, keep the janky globes for making orbs, but don’t make us go through the hassle for tea and soup.

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