Why is there no honor in this game?

I quit PVP because I can’t devote endless hours of my life to this game. Everytime I logged onto a PVP server, I’d been offline raided by giant clans. I’m a solo player. It just wasn’t worth my time. I switched to PVE-C and it has been great. I like building and surviving. I like seeing other people’s buildings and having the possibility of teaming up. I like the idea of being able to fight other players in a gladiatorial sense or if the player is griefing to be able to attack them.

Last night I was all set to do a dungeon. Before I even saw the guy, someone ran up behind me and laid into me with a katana and a tiger killing me. Ruined my Friday night plans.

In dark souls it was always courtesy to bow before a duel. You were considered a noob or a jerk if you didn’t follow the unwritten player etiquette. Why is there no honor in this game? Seems like the majority of players are just opportunist looking for low hanging fruit.


In my experience, this stuff happens on all public servers. This is why I only play games with private servers or a compelling single player experience. So I feel ya, but I dont think its in any way exclusive to CE. CE didnt invent spawn camping.


Maybe it’s time I switched to a private server with good Admins. It would be great if Conan had covenants like dark souls. Solo players could summon allies when invaded.

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Here is your problem: you try to play solo.

Instead, join said large clans and prosper.

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That would solve my resource problem, but it wouldn’t stop people ambushing you. I still don’t know how he killed me so fast. I was wearing epic heavy vanir and he cut me down before I could even turn around?

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No…his problem is that crappy behavior has been going on so long in the game that folks can’t even think the game can be played differently. It’s a culture thing and the folks that had higher standards left and no one took the mantle…mostly because of the years worth of exploits and flat out cheating that was not corrected in a timely manner and these cheating players pushed out everyone else and the game culture nosedived


Well, Souls Community has a Japanese Fan base who has abit of a thing for it. And not mention Souls games have a weird co-op/pvp Mechanic, And Curb Stomping people and having wait for next fight isn’t fun.

You look at something like GTAO, Tarkov, Dayz, its rarity.

Even in Souls, there people who don’t care… Look at Elden Ring… amount of Topics of people angry there no Honer in PVP.
Some people just do not care. Its whats Twitch/Youtube Meta-Speeder Runner build that I can dunk on everyone fad.
To be fair… i’d also put PVP in the “its old” Time for next game.
PVP when game 1st comes out if great, but once metas are found, nerfs happen… PVP loses its Fun more time goes on.

Private server are good answer… if you find a good one. You may find one, invest alot of time and find it has that 1 guy who’s asshat and is friends with Admin.

PVC, I tend keep back up sets… this way when it all goes to hell cause of 1 moron, I’m not wasting my day mad. I just regear and head back out.

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the epic starmetal armor looks just like the normal ones. Plus nowadays there is transmog in the game in the form of thaumaturgy table. What people look like has little bearing into how good they are in pvp.
You can make dragonbone armor look like coarse tunic.

edit: sorry I misread your post…

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It’s certainly not for everyone. I know a few people who play solo on officials and have a lot of fun doing it. It does require a bit of experience to survive in these situations.

Some will have honor and some won’t just like in life you must always be ready to hold your own. I agree that most players are opportunist it makes me think of all those false reports out there.

Yeah, i call those gankers not pvpers. They rarely win a fight when both are prepared, so they gank spawns etc.


Honor is an interesting word to use in PVP settings. Many think its about sportsmanship, chivalry, and civility. In my experience it is a means to con players into a specific behavior to be exploited.

I saw this as far back as 1999 in MW3 (MechWarrior 3). It was very common in multiplayer to avoid shooting opponents in the legs. This was something that carried over from MW2. The reason being is leg destruction was instant death. While torso destruction only resulted in death if the center was cored out. It was determined by the community that legging was not an honorable way of dealing with an opponent. Due to the way people engaged in combat, going for a torso meant taking out a side torso before the center would be vulnerable unless you could reliably hit the torso.

Most newer players didn’t know how to switch their target display and used the 3D model display to show target damage. Veterans usually used the wireframe display like MW2 used for nostalgic reasons. I was a bit more utilitarian and used the HTAL (Head/Torso/Arms/Leg) display. This display showed armor remaining as vertical bars. Not fancy, but accurate. It would show how much armor someone had in a green bar that would turn red as it was damaged.

What I noticed is players would enter battle without any armor on their legs. They would strip the armor off to either add it to their torso, extending their battle endurance, added weapons for more firepower, or added heatsinks to fire their weapons more often.

At this point I started targeting their legs and instructed those in my command within the unit (kinda like clans or guilds), to do the same. People whine, people complained, and people claimed we were dishonorable. That is until their deeds were shown in screenshots of their names in target windows of armorless legs in HTAL display.

Let’s just say this practice of no legging began to fade in MW4 a few years later, and is totally absent in MWO currently. But in every game I’ve played with PVP for the last 25 years, there was always this list of rules people would try to impose on others. The majority of the time its so they can exploit you.

What I suggest for players to do is to play by their own rules, and those regulations and policies dictated by the server. But no one else’s. And don’t really expect others to play by your rules. Now adjust your playstyle accordingly.

In this thread’s example, some don’t like offline raiding. I don’t like it personally. But I will say this. If I played on a server where it is possible, then I absolutely will do it. Why? Because the one I am raiding will see kindness as weakness (a human trait) and take advantage of that mercy and do it to me.

Would I curb stomp a solo player or use overwhelming odds? Well yeah I would, if I thought for a moment the solo player might be a threat, or doesn’t go out of their way to ensure that I don’t think they are. If I think for a moment a solo player is just a scout, snitch, or will sell me and my own out to a rival clan, then they get scrubbed from the area.

It doesn’t matter if some of you say you would never do those things. Oh you would if a rival offers you enough for it, or coerces you into doing it by threatening to wipe you out. Willing or unwilling, a enemy’s pa-wn (odd this word is censored, its a chess piece ffs…) is a threat. Why would you risk your buildings and getting yourself spawn camped for a complete stranger? You don’t know if I would simply do the same as the rival to you or not. Its PVP, its not a fair or nice place.

But you know what? I expect the same standard to be done in return. Its PVP. When I play PVP I expect to be PVP’d. I expect to PVP people right back. Its nothing personal. People who gank me or try to offline me, or whatever aren’t horrible people.

Some of the most hardcore and ruthless PVPers in survival games, MMORPGs, and other game types haven’t been horrible people outside the game. I’ve known soldiers, airmen, loving parents to their children, devout ministers, people that give to charity, lead youth groups, and all those good and wholesome things. When it comes to playing video games they simply put their game faces on and play competitively. They play to win, and tearing someone down is just part of the game to them. Not a method used to simply ruin another player’s day.

For every whiner who can’t take what they give out and try to weasel themselves around, there’s many more who expect the ruthlessness they exhibit. Otherwise there wouldn’t be a functional PVP community at all. Yes its usually smaller than PVE communities in these games. Its not a playstyle for the majority. But there is a significant amount to warrant its inclusion.

I know the type of players doing that, I play PvE-C too.
Always keep this in the back of your head during PvP times xD

Had it too on my server one time, was killing a elephant boss solo then someone ganked me, after that we became friends, strange world :stuck_out_tongue:

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@MadNomads the game story say u are a barbarian by nature your attribute S A V A G E , the PVP servers are hardcore evrey one wants to kill u need to build smart and small never run out of stamina never be over encumber etc… And number counts , make pace offer some gold, thralls make alliance with bigger clans other words use diplomacy. All full loot PVP games are like that (albion ,eve rust,naval Action etc…)
I suggest u play PVE-C where pvp is player vs player only no building and is PVP time online on at night 7 to 12 depends on server time zone
Other option is a PVE --C privet servers where in building pvp is only on weekends

The problem there is vague server rules and players playing dumb…the ‘where does it say I can’t dupe? How am I to know what is exploiting?’. And server administration that is lacking the resources to handle the hundreds of complaints that come in.

In Conan Exiles PvP if they DON’T “teabag the bare earth,” or squat multiple times, they are to be considered enemy who will Kill On Sight. You can wear a gas mask, a tiger cannot, I would prepare for the next payback opportunity. :headstone:

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How did you know I wasn’t a danger the first time we met?
I’ve never squatted or bowed to anyone.

And if you consider I had just run off that other group that shall remain nameless, you should have thought me hostile.

But I guess it was early days and we few who tried to be honorable were more abundant through out the game.


If you have to ask this question, you shouldn’t play on public servers. Give it a rest.

I have had a couple of ass hats on our server some how they magically disappear even long time players we have known cannot be tolerated.

You had already developed a reputation for being peaceful, though. Just as I’d developed a rep for “benign but possibly ill-tempered?” Also, you shot the rhino, not moi.

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Essentially I’d say if you are looking to not be ganked and dunked on 24/7 and offline raided, join an offline server that caters to what you are after. The online pvp experience in general will be toxic to you overall otherwise unless you are also into ganking and dunking on people and are highly competitive and like that sort of thing.