Why is this attribute build possible?

This is what you could get as attributes when you farm all the new buffs like crazy and legendary armor.


If the drop rate is low enough it balances out. Its my understanding that you can only use the book once and it does not persist though death?

Wait so we are going to see more of people ******** out in fights because they don’t wanna lose their one time buff?

I was in the dungeon and got the book, and used it. It doesn’t seem to last for more than 30 minutes. It was a +10 Grit and it wore off while I was still in the dungeon.

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if i am not mistaken only the archivist boss in the dungeon drops a book. so 1 book per run unless you farm that boss.

did you arm any weapons with this?
thinkng Vit sword and Agility Shield, and you got 3rd perk grit and 2nd perk agi :slight_smile:

The build is just an example. With maelstrom you can get 40 accuracy for the extra armor pen on ranged weapons.

But imagine someone farms all books and dupes them…

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Well, if we’re concerned about people cheating, how about people who give themselves all stats 50 via another sort of bug abuse?

No, if those books provide a temporary buff, I wouldn’t worry about them too much. They could give you an edge during a raid or a duel or whatever PVPers do to harm each other, but as long as everyone’s playing by the rules, the same buffs are available to everyone.


Maybe, instead of nerfing them, just make it where only 1 book can be activated. Treat all the books as one perk, and can’t stack. then, maybe it can be buffed for more time etc?

One of the most popular and lucrative dupes has been curtailed permanently by new server settings. It is impossible to access/interact with anything after the 1-minute server restart warning. It may come even earlier but that’s when I noticed it today.

I am with you, WMHB: why do these things stack? Is it a concession for the solo player who thinks he can’t do this dungeon alone?


Good to know… That exploit was so easy to figure out. It happened to me by accident a couple of times and took one try to know how. But since people are saying exploiters are crashing servers to do it and crashes have no warning, it all really depends on whether you can still crash the servers.

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I think purposely crashing the server, even if not fixed, is something they can “investigate” with G-Portal by pulling certain data from the error logs. I have heard that they did ban a few people over the last month, so my guess is, if you consistently crash the server, they will crash that USERID off of officials. And if you change to a new steam/console ID, you at least have to start a new character, so any benefits you had with the banned one is gone.


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