Why is this game Still crashing after almost 4 years

Even with the new Xbox still disconnecting WHY can’t this be fixed? What is so hard about fixing the disconnecting problem with this game for the Xbox apparently Xbox is the only one that has this problem but yet it is not being fixed. AND please don’t tell me that this has not been an ongoing issue this is a running joke in the Conan community. Could we please have some answers and please don’t beat around the bushes just be honest tell us why you can’t make this game stop disconnecting. Asking for the Xbox community

The game crashes now because Funcom in june created their Funcom Live Services and that destroyed the gameas as it was, buggs, thralls behaving strangely, feed system changed, server pins too high, etc…all upside down, best survival game destroyed by their creators, unbeleivable but true.
If Funcom made an enquiry among Exiles players I would say 90 % of us would love to go back to play the game as it was before june 2020.

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