Why kill Bodin?

On my first playthrough on Very Hard, Brother Bodin was one of my toughest fights. It was us vs him, a pyro, a hunter and a marauder. He shocked the hell out of us several times. Had to do the fight more than once due to him killing everyone.

But now on my second play on VH + Iron Mutant, I realize he’s a pushover. Much like with Skoog, every single one of his buddies can be picked off. Then you can just Hog Rush him and unload on his unconscious body.

But my question is, why even bother to fight him? All he gives you XP and an EMP grenade. Not even any good loot. I guess you might say “why not?” when he’s such a pushover. Fair enough.

I’m thinking maybe it’d be interesting if all the Nova Sect leaders you didn’t kill showed up at the final area. Would possibly make it too challenging but would give a reason to wipe out these sad little guys.

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The Bishop at the Iron Spear doesn’t even drop anything

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The XP is sort of the point, since they power you up for further fights down the line :wink:

Yeah, I get ya. But in that sense, he could have just been some other Marauder or something. Or do the Nova Sect give you more XP? To be honest, I’ve never been paying attention to how XP works. You level up in the game so much that I just kind of let it flow over me. :smiley:

True. But you have to kill that guy because he gates the next level. My point is that Bodin isn’t a required kill, and he gives you very little for doing so.

You can actually fly onto the roof with Dux and fall near the basement door, exiting the zone before a fight can start. Found it for the Speedrun so technically not required either.