Why make a server if you're gonna troll people

Ok since my last post was taken down for some reason. 1. In response to the whoever left that response i did have my own server on console and when i would play Everytime i opened the inventory the game would crash. Yes i put in a service request and still have not gotten support. 2. What is with this new generation of gamers and thinking it’s ok to troll. If you have a server and yes you paid for it and it’s true you can run it anyway you like and have preferential treatments to your buddies but why open it to the public? If you want people to join and play on you’re server then you kind of have an obligation to be fair. Also what is defined as griefing these days?

I know you’re only trying to give others a bit of a heads up but you provide no proof other than your word. Names or not you’re still coming in and rubbishing a server that someone else pays for. Not the place for it.
Secondly if I am paying for a server I’ll do what I want with it. That’s why people pay for it. If I have mates on it of course I’m going to provide better for them than for strangers. That’s the danger of private servers. Maybe instead of going from one bad one to the next and coming here to report your findings you should just pay for your own.

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