Why own a home?

For those of us who are lucky enough to get to black ice levels of building we all know the dreaded invaders. For the work needed to destroy a black ice structure is compared to how much work goes into making the black ice seems unbalanced. It would take someone at least a couple hours to build a real base out of black ice structures. Whilst to raid the area with no NPCs or owners online you only need a few dozen grease orbs and a couple Demon-fire orbs which are fairly easy to acquire in abundance. So, whilst this base that took hours to build gets deemed useless in what took the invader maybe 30 minutes to prep, this doesn’t seem to fair to me. Now, say there are NPCs guarding that’s fine double the agro range for those NPCs it still is fairly easy to keep on demolishing something expensive. With it being so easy to destroy the most hearty structures, why own a home? I would say either nerf the damage of demon-fire to top tier structures (or entirely) or really toughen the top tier structures up to be worth the grind it took to craft them.

Am I wrong or missing something key to defense?

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Black ice is 10 times easier than making jars.
Try hardened bricks, then I could agree.

Actually, defending a T3 base is more OP than attacking it.
With a repair hammer, as people just bang on your walls with explosions and boulders, you can just 1-hit it with a repair hammer and as long as you have the mats - poof instant structure HP replenish.

What you need to do is just stock up on mats for now, build 2 or 3 stacks of T3 foundations, then build your base with T1 first then overlay it with your T3 stock and it’s there. Just make sure you have extra mats to repair those.

This is why I build shacks in trees, and amuse myself watching thalls fall off the platforms.

Home base is great for stretches, when you have things you wanna produce. But as soon as I have my stashes filled, I tend to ditch the home base till interested to build another or restart the game.

PvP wise, I just aid the clan with what they need mat wise and follow the plan.

Is there an actual difference between the black ice structures and the hardened brick ones?

Yes. Black ice structures require less materials that are very easy to obtain.
Hardened brick are hard to get, take forever to craft, and you need more of them for every building piece compared to black ice.
Both have same HP. So everyone uses Black Ice since iit is so much easier to craft than bricks.

Let me rephrase. Is there a difference in the stats they provide? I know hardened brick has the same HP as Black Ice. Do these bricks take less damage from fire or are they just cosmetic choices?

Cosmetic. BI supposed to protect against cold and bricks from heat, but, hey, this game is still in pre-alpha stage, so it obviously doesnt work.

I still do believe destroying either of these structures is incredibly easy despite the grind needed for them compared to the items needed to destroy them.

Yeah go ahead and try farming 50 jars needed to blow up 5 foundations. You will quickly find that building from black ice is a trip to hawaii and making jars is slave labour in a coal mine.

But that’s the thing you don’t need explosives. They’re kind of the worst way to invade someone. A really good tactic I’ve seen against me is using loads of grease orbs with demon fire orbs destroying top tier structures in mere seconds.

Destroying a single foundation with orbs will require you a lot of tar orbs and a lot of time.
Go experiment in single plahyer admin mode.
In this game it is way easier to build than to raid. Im saying this as someone packing 8 vaults full of stolen loot. Waaay easier to build man.

I respect that but are you aware of the tactics people have made? I’m not sure about the numbers but as of right now I pulled up 2 sources that state the incineration that is using orbs over explosives. I’ve seen it first hand against me, raiding is much easier compared to the farm needed to make these structures.


I look at it like real life. Someone can spend 6 months and 2 mil to build a mansion, but I could take it down with a half gallon of gas and a match.
Just sayin :joy:

But chances are that mansion is made with some magical substance or hardened bricks and steel. Something tells me they don’t burn.

I ran some tests on that, and as best as I can tell, a black ice building raises inside temperatures by about +5, and reinforced stone neither raises nor lowers outside temperature. Insulated wood is +10. Stonebrick is -5, I think. Sandstone is an insane -20.

And again. Go test yoruself. As a person who raided (and offline raided too) 5 clans and got 8 vaults of loot from it i exclaim that it is easier to craft mats for building than for raiding.

They’ve apparently stepped up the purge enemies recently. I had my black ice walls destroyed after a few minutes by dire wolves, which I thought was amazing.

The question is will pets raid bases like purge mobs do?

easier than making Jars yes, but not easier than making greas and Fireorbs. Hardened Briks do have same stats that Blackice as far asi know.