How in gods name?!?!

I have a 30 layer black ice base, i get offline for literally 5 minutes and my last layer bloes up infronr of me, they using explosive arrows, so how are they doing a 8 wall radius aoe damage thats doing so much damage?!?! Im off for 10 minutez and they blow through 30 BLACK ICE LAYERS tbey was doing and i WATCHED 35k damage in 1 explosive hit, and in an AOE of 5 foundations 3 high

Wrong forum. Also feels like this game isn’t doing your health any good

What does my health have to do with anything? Weird comment… which forum does it belong.?

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They could have put multiple jars down and then kept placing jars in the dot aoe that happens after the initial explosion.

What is interesting is the OP’s experience would be the norm if DBD was turned on.

Usually offline protection kicks in within these games in about 20-30 minutes of logging out. OP was out for 5 (or 10… to be fair the story isn’t exactly straight) minutes and got hit hard. Setting offline protection to kick in at anything under 10-15 minutes usually sets up an exploit in favor of the defender. Giving an issue of there not really being a happy medium.

But yeah, a few jars placed and exploded at once can cause a large amount of damage at once. To prevent that you need to kill the attackers as they come in.

If these layers ae all stacked foundations, then it might not be DBD. Either the physics engine doesn’t like it or someone has a load of explosive arrows. :sunglasses:

Sounds like they broke because of stability loss.

The recent server issues have introduced some really weird behaviour: I have had building blocks in middle of my base take tens of thousands of points of damage from apparently nothing. No raid, no purge, nothing. These pieces have been in middle of other, intact pieces.

Perhaps there is a glitch related to the server issues and decay that weakened your base before the enemy hit it. Did you check it with repair hammer it was all right before the attack?

There are many things we dont know about this case that could affect how this happened, and I think there is a chance that the server issues may have had an effect. Or perhaps how it was constructed.

Pvp has an huge glaring flaw in that defending online is easy and you can stave off the largest of clans if you build right and have the supplies to constantly repair. However bombs can make short work of t3 buildings in a few minutes and so with these two facts, the game promotes offlining. Layers is not a proper defense because pvp harvesting makes dragon powder chump change.

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I don’t see how the game promotes offlining at all…

The IRL medieval practice of making layers of walls not supported one by the other comes to mind.

But depending on where it is build, and the knowledge the attacker has, compound effect of multiple different explosives can destroy things very quick. And not exactly by doing all at once.

Btw, if it is in the north, depending on where it is, meteors seem to have changed lately. I had a save from years now, my second save db from when the game launched, and a castle I had at one place I had to recently change it from place because meteors were destroying it now.

Unrelated to OP but similar to Smoketreader’s report.

PVE private server (2 players, same clan), no decay enabled.

Purge starts, partner and I go out to meet attackers before they get near walls. After the purge is over, pulling out a repair hammer and wandering the base, random damage has happened in odd places. Sometimes to walls or fences no one was near (around a different side of the base where no waves spawned or wandered), or in the middle of the base where no one could have gotten because there were no breaches, such as a decorative fence around the porch of an interior building. I’ve not played long enough to know if just the act of having purge active will do a random decay on items but it has definitely seemed strange. We’ve learned to go around the entire base when there’s been a purge just to do the one hit repair to the random items that have taken some invisible damage.

Yeah. In my case I have not had a purge (For a long while Ive only logged in to keep stuff from decaying) and I have not had a raid. The only thing that happens is that I log in and out. Still blocks have taken damage.

Unless you outnumber an a defender. Online raiding is extremely difficult.

You only have the supplies you can carry and store nearby. Defenders have everything in the base to use. You also can only use the followers that you can bring with you while they potentially can have hundreds. So its much much easier to raid someone when they’re not there and offline.

That and we have the majority of people who play on PVP aren’t really there to PVP. They’d much rather PVp (Player Versus pixels) not PVP (Player Versus Player). PVp in this way is just PVE with extra steps.


I thought you meant it promotes offlining for Defenders. Which made no sense to me for all the good reasons you describe above.

But yes I’m with you the game promotes and encourages attacking people that are offline.

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Oh wow that would be weird lol.

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