Why should FC be a long to take vacation but not me?

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]
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So, while devs take some vacation I thought that I could do that too. Gave my home key to and friend so he could go online for me to stop the decay. Already there is something wrong. I should be able to go on a two weeks vacation without to worry about a f*cking game.

He went online last Wednesday, checked with repair hammer and it said 400 hours until decay.
He went online yesterday and guess what? My whole f*cking base is destroyed.

It can’t be a raid, every furnaces, blacksmiths and so on is gone. I guess that it’s the decay or the purge.

I love the game and I have defended it so many times when people complaining but now I just want to quit.

Here is a free tip FC, don’t release a unstable game so close to vacation.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Eventlog will tell you what happened.

How can I see that on a official PS4 server?

On PC we just click ESC->Eventlog in the game menu. Same place you remove bracelet etc.

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PS4: Options > Event Log

Just hit the option button then scroll down to event log if it says wolves,spiders, or named thrall etc. you got purged now stop crying and rebuild you act like it’s super hard when it’s is not try not to make the game too hard on yourselves. Maybe move base to a purge/gods proof location or up all your defenses put down thrall fighter and archers. The more layers you have the harder it is for anything’s to get in.Though I do agree they did take pur money and go on vacation EA did the same thing with battlefield 4 and guess devs just dont learn to take there vacation before a game releases or hold off for a later vacation date til there game is stable shows how much they really care in my opinion.

And actually you can go on a 2 week vacation…

14 days = 336 hours.

Decay timer = 400 hours.

Way to create such a dramatic thread over nothing.

If you have a bug report, please make your report in an objective and constructive manner. Game devs are people too, and are allowed to go on break.