Why the delay in the funcom launcher loading the game

I noticed upon the release of the most recent DLC on PC, when i click on “launch” theres about a 10 second pause before the game loads.

I’m guessing you guys thougt it would be clever to make us stare at the launcher for 10 seconds so you can advertise the DLC to me.

thats cute and all but quite frankly while it occurs each and every time i load the game i am forced to think about it and in those 10 seconds i get a bit pissed off honestly.

I have already paid for your game. STOP trying to drown me in upsell. its annoying. i didnt pay for this game to see your advertisement! really guys this is business 101.

Or it could be hard drive access time, or a bug, or you know, a million other things than a conspiracy.


I agreed that it is not likely a conspiracy, as OP implies.

However, I too noticed that is takes significantly longer (post 2.6) to load the game (using either button) than it used to from Funcom’s ‘newly designed’ launcher. As someone who has all the DLC (including People of the Dragon), I agree with OP that the new launcher takes longer and therefore annoys me.

I believe it to be a bug and I understand that it is only a Beta, but please prioritize speeding up your launcher Funcom. The main reason that a good chunk of us tolerated launching your launcher from within Steam’s previously launched launcher, is that it was quick, offered a ‘continue’ button and provided a faster way to change mods. If the game no longer launches quickly via either button, than it is simply adding more hurdles which can unnecessarily annoy and frustrate your customers.


You are correct. I actually cried real tears when I realized I was losing 10 more seconds of my precious life playing an online video game. I considered not playing anymore, but then decided I would just keep playing and blame Funcom for all of the worlds little miseries. (sarcasm off)

On a side note, I love that demo video of the new DLC. It gave me building ideas I would not have thought of myself.


lol i have mixed feelings about your reply. In one hand, you’re vetting me, in another, you’re calling me a crybaby. :slight_smile:
either way, thanks. I got a vet and a lol. tc+hf

Thanks for your input. I too have been playing since EA and now that you mention it, yes it could be caused by a inadvertent bug arising from the dead.
two thumbs up and high-ten my friend.

Well if the shoe fits. I mean, you literally started a topic to cry about the fact that the launcher is taking 10 second longer than it used to and are now staring an e-peen contest with @darthphysicist for daring to toss out some suggestion as to why this could be occurring.


Hey dude or lady, now ur just being rude. Darth was replying to MY thread. As are you. you’re welcome to view me as a “crybaby”, all you’re trying to do is minimize my opinion. Why? what did i do to you? are you that bored with your life that you just hound forums criticizing peoples posts for the simple gain of what satisfaction?

I felt a bit insulted by his post. he assumed i’m a simpleton for arguement.

10 seconds every time i load the game. how many times am i going to load the game before they correct this?

why are you so protective of darth? Is he not capable of speaking for his or herself? Same with JJDancer. Why are you replying on their behalf?

You’re no better than anyone else here. You’re opinion is no more or less valid than anyone elses. Please construct a very tall ladder and get over yourself.

thanks! :slight_smile:


Yes, Dart was attempting to offer you some assistance. And look at the ■■■■■■ attitude and insulting manner in which you replied to him.

That’s a you thing. He anyone with reading comprehension can see that he implied no such thing. You clearly have some issues which is why you jumped to insulting the first two people who responded to your thread.

Or you know, you can just ignore it. Hell, I just click on my browser and let it load in the background while I do something else. It could take 3 minutes for all I care, I don’t pay any attention to it because I’m doing something more important and not just starring at the funcom launcher crying for 10 seconds.

I’m not, I’m just tired of people like yourself that feel so self important that you think you can insult anyone you think you are superior to for whatever reason you decided to make up and that you have any reason in the world to insult simply because they have the audacity to attempt to offer some suggestions as to WHY the new launcher might be lagging more than it used to.

That is some excellent advice, to bad you can’t take that yourself.


If you pay attention to the launching of the game, particularly if you click “Continue” all the time like I do, you’ll notice something new. At least it appears to be a new Heads Up feature. It’ll show your Funcom ID logging in to their Funcom services, lower left corner.

As I’m postulating here, I don’t know whether this is something new, or something that’s just been revealed, but if an actual login is taking place, this would account for extra time.

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See, a serious problem solver always overcomes. :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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Hey there,

There’s a known issue, reported in the bug reports section, that’s causing the game to start in a temporary black screen when clicking continue from the launcher. This is being fixed for 2.6.1.
Closing the thread as it seems that as of lately, there’s this constant need to argue and insult each other at every single opportunity.