Why Thralls are randomly slow to react?

Does anyone have a verified fact about the randomly derping thralls ?

I noticed on my new character, new server, that my thrall is very very slow to react (both “guard me” and “attack all ennemies”). Most of the time I kill every NPCs I pull before he throws a single hit.

I was wondering if it’s server related, individual thrall AI or lag. Server ping is 64 at max.

Someone told me it’s server lag but I have no problem on my other games, on a populated server with huge bases and lot of foundations spam. My character on this server is usually the one stuck because of lag and my thralls always save me from a certain death due to lag.

I’m tempted to restart a character on another server because my thralls are close to useless on the new one, but I need confirmation about the source of this “bug”.

Found different answers but still unclear.

What’s the server FPS when that happens?

Id have to agree that its server side performance that is likely the issue.

I constantly have 30 fps and it never drops, on all servers, so I’m not even sure the toggledebug command I use is accurate.

Is there another way to show server fps ?

So all official servers perform differently, is that what you are saying ?

Does it mean that this official server I choose will always make my thralls dumb and that I should choose another official ?

If you’re using ~ToggleDebugHUD console command, then you should be able to see server FPS in the top right corner of your screen:

When the server FPS dips into orange or red, you can expect AI starvation. That’s why I asked about server FPS, it’s usually the first suspect. However, if your server FPS is consistently in the green, then that’s probably not the problem.

Ah yes that’s it, my bad it’s 60 not 30 and it’s green.

So it’s not a FPS problem, is it still server related ?
Are the servers improved regularly ? Can I expect better days on this server ?

It was 60 in my image because I took it in single-player. I’ve never seen it reach 60 on a server, they usually cap out at 30, so you were correct.

It’s definitely something on the server side of things, because the client doesn’t run the AI, as far as I know. But I honestly have no idea what it is.

Depending on player load, server load, bases, thralls placeables etc that are on the map, yes, one server will perform differently then one that has a lighter load.

Si hay demasiado lag los npc se vuelven mansos

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I guess the question is - do you have this problem in single player?

I do not. I don’t even have this problem on other servers that are populated and laggy as hell near bases.

I just discovered some undermesh bases. Maybe there are more and that’s what cause the problem ?

Sooo, I renamed all my thralls on this server “Village Idiot”. But since all of them are acting stupid, can we assume that their behavior is the norm on this server and that I cannot call them village idiots for just doing the same as all other thralls ? :thinking: