Why were RHTSs so heavily nerfed in health?

For a while now Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers have had the highest health pool for thralls. Now even Black Hand thralls can beat them out in health. My RHTS thralls typically had as much as 2k more health than my Berserker’s or Snowhunters, now they have more than 1k less! I get that you wanted to nerf their health but did you really need to hit them with the nerf hammer quite so hard? I’m rather concerned they will not hold up in purges now and they make up more than half my base defense.

Probably because they were one of the easiest thralls to get. T4 level fighters and archers on guaranteed spawns with short respawns, with high health and one of the highest damage modifiers basically made every thing else obsolete.

I suspect other guaranteed spawns got hammered or will soon. If its easy to get, don’t rely on it.

Maybe so but like I said, I have black hand thralls that are better now and black hand are more common than sand in the exiled lands and easier to get as well. I think they over did it by a significant margin.

Depends on what you mean by “better”. Black Hand are significantly faster to level up, but they do less damage and have less starting hitpoints. Comparing Captain Ioshuwa to a RHTS, he’ll exceed a Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker’s hp after 15 points of Vitality, so depending on stat increase chances, it’s definitely possible that the Black Hand becomes tankier at higher levels.

Curiously, the guaranteed-spawn Cimmerian Berserker wasn’t hit nearly as hard; but then again, there’s only one 100 % spawn as compared to many RHTS spawns if you count the Wine Dellar as well as the various miniboss groups in the Unnamed City.

(I may be biased, but I think it’s fine that anyone named “captain something” is very strong.)

Because this way you’ll have to spend copious amounts of time playing just to replace them, since these were the go to fighter thralls for most players. It has nothing to do with balance or fun.


Nobody seems to ever mention it but while those guys used to be in top list for both damage multiplier and starting health, as well as having average health growth with Vitality, they usually had crappy Strength and Agility growth chances as well as lower overall growth potential.

Their health pool was what mattered most, @WildCat .They could still do very decent dmg, but HP is what makes or breaks a thrall. Overall, they were the best thralls.
Pre AoS, they were basically immortal. Some could even take the Arena Champion by themselves, if you got lucky on rolls and perks.

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I think someone woke up and realized this lower tiered fighter is too strong. Or I the only one that noticed the rhts don’t have the yellow border denoting t4 status?

No… we noticed. It’s as though Funcom thought it should be changed. But then again, what about all the corsairs on siptah that still don’t have the border? They must not be T4 either. :roll_eyes:

I’m so sick of updates zeroing out all of the work I put into the game. I had 8 swords of crom, then they just zeroed it out. All of my base thralls were Teimos. Nerfed into oblivion. Ok, so I replace them with RHTS. FML. They’re not giving me new content to engage with, they’re just randomly ■■■■■■■■ with the mechanics of the game so you have to keep redoing the same old things.

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Well, at least with this speed of stamina regen you can actually use the sword of crom, @Maro :smile:

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