Need clarification on rhts

ok i am extremely confused right now because i always thought that the relic hunter treasure seekers fighters were considered t4 named thralls in the game in general hence why the fighters are some of the best if not the best stat and so hard to beat but according to the coup de grace truncheon they are common enemy but according to wiki they are t4 named me and my gf was hunting them in coop in unnamed city and they all died i even tried to spawn some in via admin but none of them came up with the yellow line around health bar is this a bug or am i just hallucinating and they was nerfed to t3 thralls

The RHTS are and aren’t named thralls. I know… it got me in the beginning too lol.

Basically they have one of the highest hit multipliers for strength and agility weapons.

But they have the highest of health per point increases of any thrall out there.
You’re best bets are the RHTS, dalinsia snowhunter, berserker, Lian/Janos (they’re practically the same thrall) or a Tiemos.
(This is my order of favourites)

Just remember, they have nerfed all off the thralls and cut they’re stats in half!

is the beast master teimos still viable i heard in a video that 3.0 messed him up badly yea i normally do use rhts dalinsia and cimmerian berserker (the one from the mounds) not the volcano one although people aren’t talking about that one much anymore so i might try it also

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RHTS have always been only a T3 thralls. Yes according to the latest patch Tiemos has been realigned to his intended stats.

the wiki says t4 named and everyone refers to them as t4 are you sure they are in fact t3

Yeah, this is what I meant by they are and they aren’t :joy: they’re a T3 thrall, but they level like, if not better than a named one.

They’re a pain to knock out though atm. Even with max authority :joy:
There’s a least two really easy spots to get four at a time. Can’t exactly remember the grids of the top of my head
There’s four in the southern part of the unnamed city. The entrance is near where the exit for the dregs is

No teimos is awful your better off with rhts, or turning bearers into zombies

They’re more along the lines of T4.5… so T4, definitely not 3 (those would be the simple “Stygian Fighter III” etc in Sepermeru, that is a T3 relic hunter)

Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker is a completely different beast, they were initially only available in UC surrounding human bosses and now in the Wine Cellar. So essentially only in high-end dungeon-like environments and you won’t find them strolling down the streets of Sepermeru or ambushing you from… well… a bush… (those are Relic Hunter Slave Takers and yes those have T3s)

Basically they are the best well-rounded thralls atm in the game, however since they don’t technically have a “name” they were probably not added to the list based on which that truncheon is distinguishing NPCs either by accident or intentionally.


i wasnt going to get teimos never used him as i never understood all the fuss about him i only asked about his viability because i know alot of people regarded him as the best before 3.0 but my rhts and dalinsia handled all content on el just fine before 3.0 forced me to have to restart el on single player and transfer siptah character but i am curious about the volcano thralls now since i haven’t heard anything about them for atleast a year now

thank you so i wasn’t just hallucinating so thank you for confirming my suspicions

That’s because people can’t be bothered to climb all the way up there :smiley: I think there’s a huge convenience factor in people running around with cimmerian berserkers for example which has a fixed spawn-point and is completely alone in a large area so pretty much begging you to capture him.

Volcano named fighters though would rank second imo. right behind the RHTS and fairly similar.

ok so then i will have to actually go grab one finally and test it then against a dalinsia

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They’re good :slight_smile: if you’re bored here’s an RHTS and me playing around with like 6 MiGos :smiley:

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If you re spec and put five points into authority. And choose the well trained perk. That guy will be unstoppable! It adds +20 to every stat :smiling_imp:

I have 0 authority though :smiley: so I would have to fully respec, but yea, I tested him on a full authority build and he’s insane

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Yeah my guys beefed right up! It’s very worth it for knocking thralls out too. It adds conclusive damage. And Just so you know. It works with the zombies too. I have three RHTS zombie following me two with 20000 health and one with 13000 health but over 1000 armour :smiling_imp:

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I had the same problem with coup that I brought over the EL. I come to just understand that coup is for the yellow outlines and things without the outline die. So not nearly as great in EL as it is in Siptah.

it’s the same on either map and yes it will kill anything that is not named that is actually the reason why I use it and farmed up at least 4 of them so i don’t have to go behind and clean up after the thralls

I have never seen an article or post by a dev to ever confirm that assumption, yes they may have same hp but that is intentional.

Which part exactly? That RHTS are Tier 4? That is not an assumption… that’s a fact I can confirm to you right here… and it has nothing to do with HP… it’s listed as a Tier 4 Elite in the devkit… and all of their other stats are also similar or better than other T4 fighters in the game…

(Also as a side-note I don’t recall the Devs ever doing “announcements” or “articles” for any other of the fighters either, so it’s prolly why you haven’t seen one :stuck_out_tongue: )

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