Wich necro t3 weapons?

I have enough relics (215) and rares
which dagger (dagon vs innocents) and tali (jaggta-noga vs skelos) should i buy, or is it better a staff(dagon vs sacrilege)?

The T3 staff is really good for necros and demos.

you mean dagon right? cause the other one has no crit

If you PvP go for the Necro staff. If not, go for the Demo dagger+tali.

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so these ones?

I did some calcs and staff has -10 dps, -22 const and -58fire/cold protection -36 hate decrease rating, + 103 fatality rating +78 magical life tap rating and + 33 cc skill, these last 3 stats are then useful just for pvp?

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Magic life tap is the relevant one for pvp since you heal about 2% of the damage you deal.

T3 Necro Weapons:

T3 Demo Weapons:

The Death of Innocents dagger + The Epithet of Skelos tali - best combo for me if limited to just t3 weapon choice. for Staff - The Necros of Dagon is good, but lacks -hate (which works for kiting adds at Hathor-Ka, but not other bosses, where you are likely to pull).