Wiki updates, additions, shortcuts and tips for Siptah and Update 2.1

Hi, folks, and thanks to those of you who support the wiki. We hope it is of use to all and work hard to keep it current and relevant.

Both the additions of Siptah and release 2.1 were massive and very positive for the game; the following is what we have been able to accomplish so far.

First, by request, the combat-capable thralls (Archer, Fighter, Entertainer and Bearer) pages and rollups now include a Bonus Vitality value so you can see the relationship between the attribute Vitality and Vitality Health Bonus. This allows you to determine which thralls get more health per Vitality point. See the appropriate lists here.

Next are the addition of Specializations to the crafting thralls. We’ve added a cheat sheet (with link) that shows the icon, the specialization and the general bonus for each.

The link enclosed in red leads to the profession page, where you will find much more detailed information on the various bonuses for that profession.

Specializations have also been added to the appropriate profession(s) list here.

So, if you really want a particular benefit, you could use the cheat sheet to determine which specialization offers it, verify it does what you want it to by visiting the Profession page and sort the proper Profession list by Specialization to see which thralls offer it.

Next, you could use @Wak4863’s excellent (long, but indexed) video to determine potential locations in the Exiled Lands. Siptah works differently; see below.

Siptah generates thralls in a different manner:

  • Evoked surges at a Leyshrine could contain T4s, along with lower levels, creatures and 1 and 3 skull bosses.
  • Wild Surges will produce T1 (common) -T3 (rarer) thralls.

All locations are shown on this map.

Third, within a day, every station of the following list will have a chart similar to the one shown below:

  • Alchemy
  • Furnaces
  • Tanneries

Please notice the headers are linked; a quick click will show you the costs to fabricate. Also, the +350% crafting speed for Heat-Efficient is in standard notation, so the base speed is actually multiplied by 4.5.

And last, but certainly not least, a loud shout out to @Testerle, @Estha, @Wak4863 and all the others who made this possible.

As usual, requests, comments and blatant criticisms are welcome here. There are still improvements we want and any volunteers would be welcome, it’s quite rewarding. Thanks !




Just to mention, these numbers seem already outdated after the latest hotfitx :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks! There are some anomalies @Estha is still investigating, but all were pulled from ingame testing within the last week, so, for the current live version. Perhaps single player differs from online? It would be a good test.

Are we talking about benefits or crafting costs? I know one person who burned out at the number of changes and the crafting costs could be stale. I don’t think they came from the testing.

I’m assuming the outdated part was not small enough to be attributed to rounding.

Knowing we will see changes with the next update, we will keep an eye on them.

Regards, and thanks again for the heads up,



This is what I got from the DevKit (bss hotfix dd 04.11):

P.S. Don’t get me wrong, I am not pointing any fingers here. I am just saying that with all the changes going on right now, the numbers you updated yesterday are already outdated today. I can certainly understand how one may feel burned out and may wanna wait updating them until things settle down a bit.


I fully understand and have poked Estha to coordinate with you directly. You know much more about that portion of the devkit than I, but I passed your findings to him. We have lots to do and your advice may be spot on. With over 33,000 pages, we want every one to be up to date (riiiight).




My guess is that the discrepancy has something to do with this:

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Hey Jim, I noticed that Legacy Sepermeru Captains aren’t on the Fighter list anymore. Last update they were at the top of the list for damage modifier, has something changed with the database values or is the site simply retiring legacy thralls at this point? Thanks in advance!

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The values were correct :> except one I had not added yet (jim originally posted this from my userpage).

I just re-tested everything after 2.1.2 and there are some minor tweaks to some numbers, most of them still stand.


Hi, Dysco. You are correct. The wiki is limited to what players can obtain today and stored, legacy stuff is beyond the scope, but you deserve the why, so:

The vast majority of players don’t have access to Captains or Bandit Leaders as thralls and those are our target audience. Gathering the full set of data, which is a manual, lengthy operation (717 of them), for niche uses extends the time to update or would take more volunteers than we currently have (and still need).

Since there are legacy thralls that some peeps have, we don’t, and would have to try to spawn them in to gather the data. If we were to spawn them in (even if we could) they would have today’s stats which in all probability would differ from what you have stored and useless to you.

As an example, I still have a few Dalinsias with a STRMult of 4.09 on a solo game. Today’s value is 2.21 and there are legacy Dalinsias with values that differ. They all look the same, so how would the casual user know which they had? In addition to that, how would we document the various values?

Sorry we can’t accommodate that and we have been asked the exact same question before, so it’s a good one and I’m glad you brought it up, thanks !




This really makes sense, especially the current spawning mechanic and having legacy database values for older thralls. Thank you for your work as always!


Thank you for the info, You are the best :slight_smile:


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