Will there be a nudity dlc on PS4 US

Conan Exiles is a mature game for mature players that can have fun and not deal with squeaky children every 5 seconds. Now the reasoning am asking this is cause I learn Xbox will be getting a censored game, and Europe has a dlc for full nudity. While I understand esrb and pegi are different it shouldn’t mean we can’t get a dlc either or what not on console just as pic has no censorship. Now if a Dev or someone with knowledge can answer my question I appreciate.

No. Sony has stated that if the ESRB became Adults Only (AO), they would not allow the game to be purchasable from the Playstation Store. The ESRB has stated that if there was lower body nudity in the game, it would garner an automatic AO rating. So no total nudity on PS4 in the USA.

I’m not happy about it, either, as it breaks my immersion. But it’s either that or no GAME in the US.

Apparently, you might be able to order the game from a foreign country that allows the full nudity and get the unlock DLC. I’m not sure about this, however. I do know that if it IS possible, those countries would NOT include Great Britian, Australia, or New Zealand, as they have similar restrictive laws.

Wow that screwed up thank you for the information, an apperciated.

Nope, no nudity on Consoles…
If you want Nudity you need to play the game on a PC…

Consoles are used primarily by children under age and not able to be regulated because Consoles are easier for kids to buy than a PC…

Xbox1: $279.99
PlayStation 4: $299.99
A good gaming PC $1,000.00
A high-end beautiful custom gaming machine: $7,600.00 (if you build it your self) 13,000.00 if you buy it from a shop.

Most underage kids don’t own a good gaming PC. but a lot own Xbox-one and PS4’s so games like Conan will never have nudity on Consol.

This is false, there is nudity on consoles but PlayStation has decided only current types of nudity is allowed.No genital parts are seen but the upper chest area is not censored so there is nudity in Conan exiles “PS4”

That is correct. Partial nudity will be allowed on PS4 and Xbox in ESRB regions.

I think it is time that someone makes a console for adult games, only then we can get such content. Kappa

Dont make sense you can go play with people have uncensored version

ps4 did away with any form of nudity with its first patch i went from having boobs to no boobs the settings are all there but do not function anymore

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