Will there be Crossplay?


Is the devs considering cross play? Not being able to play with friends on console… Feels bad man

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would be nice and could also reduce the number of server FC rents…

Oh I hope not.


i am strictly a pve player so this could only bring crazy laughs to us! bring it on! : P


I did try a controller in Conan a few times and while the inputs seem pretty solid and smooth…
That video describes using a bow pretty damn accurately.

Just so console/controller users know… some of us Keyboard/Mouse users do not engage lockon because it gives us better control of where we are directing attacks.

Lockon for example doesn’t allow me to aim a lunge ahead of an opponent.

Actually the only time I use lockon is when using modded magic attacks that obscure the target with particle effects and even then only in PVE.

I would be ok with cross-play between consoles but not with PC otherwise you’ll bring in all the hackers


The bow in Horizon Zero Dawn does not have that awful aim. It’s not a hardware problem on the ps4.

Now, if you play with VR, the video makes you worry about those controllers, like Oculus Touch.

No worries here because Conan is not in immersive VR.

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You are so right in this one. It is a desperation that I will surely pass.
I would love the idea to go and play with @CodeMage, but this hack issue, can make your sweetest dreams in to nightmares. Again, you are so right :+1:.

Xbox/ps crossplay, yes please?

PC players can stay away with there hacks and mods. XD

Inless of course I can has mods to? =3

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To have the mods on consoles , I am on it too. I’ve watched a video of @Wak4863 in the past for the Lemurian mod, omg this mod is fantastic, it gives you so much reasons to play after lvl 60 on pve. I don’t say that you don’t have reasons to play after lvl 60, but with mods you have way more :wink:.


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