Will there be nudity in the dune funcom game?

No acrimony, if I see those options / tags in a game’s character creation I will refund or not buy the game. Also I will not buy ever again anything from that company (merchandising, books, music, videogames, etc).

About the gender options in CyberPunk I think it’s fine, total freedom without introducing politics from one side or the other.



The game could be 100% first person, with no cut scenes, mirrors, or stat page that shows the player character. This will allow for any representation including clothes, so if you think the character is nude, then it is.


hehe sort that rolplay only work in a soloplay game… And do you realy think that type of caracter will sell now? Maybe 30 years ago but not to day.

I think most games Devs will stick to “Select Body Type” from now on.

Just to stay on even grounds with most people.

As for Dune… I sorta remember 1st movie, New one looks good. Thou… I’m nothing close to knowing much about it. I remember a Film Theory video about one of fights, since they were Specail Body Suits, and it poked fun that they had underwear on, which would block the body suit form doing its job down there. XD
But you know… movies and male nudity.


Yeah, Lynch’s adaptation was fairly terrible for many reasons, but that bit was hilarious. Stillsuits with underwear :rofl:

Crap, now I wanna go reread Dune. Or at least up to and including “God Emperor of Dune”.

No acrimony, yet you’re going to boycott a company forever for presenting non-traditional gender options?

Have fun not playing any games at all into the future… gender “politics” is not going away. Society in general is going to get more and more used to it, it’ll simplify and normalise, and you’ll be the one dying on a hill everyone else stopped caring about ten years before.


I had modified your original statement a bit:

I really doubt any game studio would be dumb enough to take ( insert any game really ) and restrict players to one specific gender.

In this day and age, not sure why anyone would design a game that take that decision out of the player’s hands.


Assuming it’s a game with create-your-own-character options rather than preset roles, anyway. Both can be good, depending on the genre, storytelling style and many other factors.

But yeah sure, assuming the lore allows it, companies should make character creators/editors as unrestricted as is technically feasible*. That way players can (hopefully) put in whatever combinations they want. I’ll be honest and say I don’t know/understand all the permutations that are fashionable these days, but then - as long as it’s up to people to create what they want, I don’t need to know all the presets.

That said, even as a male with a slightly non-standard beard (not full or moustache) I find it’s still often impossible to “create myself” faithfully in games. Which is fine, for the record. I mean I already play me in real life :crazy_face:

*this can be a major difficulty depending on budget and technology restraints however, and I think it’s fair to cut smaller developers a lot of slack on this count

Sorry, but no. Woke gender politics is a huge turnoff and a red flag that the game is going to be chock full of similar garbage. I’m not wasting my time trying to guess which of the fifty thousand different utterly meaningless pronouns I’m supposed to use for each individual character. I don’t know that I’d personally go so far as to boycott the company entirely just for that one thing, but I would be a lot more likely to give the game a hard pass.

The reason the gender options of Cyberpunk work in Cyberpunk is because they don’t do this. You’re just presented with “here’s your chassis, here’s your voice box, here’s your junk, now go forth and blow stuff up”. You’re not running around insisting everyone call you “ze” or “Mx” or “vevvasingegtasbrbmetron” like some jackass with a Ph.D who constantly demands that everyone always refer to him as “Doctor”. Instead you just are what you are and nobody gives a damn about it.


Don’t worry. Not even the people who insist on everyone useing all those permutations can keep up with them since they keep inventing more every other week. Most of them don’t actually mean anything anyway. Particularly in the context of trying to represent them in the character creator for a video game. There is no difference in a character model, for example, between a male character and a male character who “feels female” on Tuesdays. As such, trying to accommodate the whole list would really amount to recording about a thousand different variations of any voice line that refers to gender.


Could we please keep politics out of this? The rest of the Internet is already chock-full of overly polarized political garbage, I don’t need it here too. All of you who enjoy sticking labels on those you disagree with are free to take petty potshots at each other somewhere else.

Tagging @Community because it’s faster than going through each of these posts and flagging them for political crap.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: ok mate, I will! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Please, no politics.
Please, patience. The spice will flow. For how spicy that spice will be, you will need to wait till the game is, you know, officially and properly announced.

For now, enjoy all the sliders in Exiles, thanks to the determined work of our lovely Joel.