Will we need to restart for chapter 3?

I just started a new game not all that long back say about 4 days ago and iv just been chillin in the noob river getting my base and character as I want them and training some thralls and all that.

So with the release of chap3 will we be required to restart a new game for the new journey steps or will it be ok to continue I don’t mind starting a new game (usually do after ever big update anyway) since I play strictly SP private just want some clarification thanks.

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I highly doubt a restart will be required. If it was required, one could only imagine the outcry that would come as a result.

But honestly, I find it more fulfilling to restart whenever there’s a big update like this regardless.


If you are playing on an official server, regardless whether it’s PvE, PvE (c) or PvP, no servers will EVER be reset. Funcom have said this countless times. However, if you are playing on a private server, then that is upto the administrator’s discretion. I hope this helps.

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So you’ll have to restart once every 3-4 months …
I wouldn’t like that.

No you wont be required to. Journey steps per the devstream will get reset but your character level/gear/etc will remain.


Restart hasn’t been necessary on any of the previous chapters either.

The dev team has been pretty passionate about not wiping current servers for quite a while so I don’t think these updates will ever require a full restart but it maybe a better experience for you to do so, especially on this update, because of the journey step changes. The question is whether you want a richer/fuller experience or keep your stuff. I’m probably going to restart on a server because I love the experience and am looking forward to the changes in the journey steps.

Thanks for all the responses everyone it’s much appreciated. I only ask because the addition of new spawn points with the golems aswell as the new dungeons and upgrade to the tower I was thinking may be adding new non build zones to the map plus any new structures such as the kitahn trader caravans from the headhunter events appearing on the map right at the start in the starter area kinda had me curious as to wether starting a new game might best.
Usually If I feel any large update might alter the map in any way I always start a new game just to be safe so everything loads in right (just me being cautious) and with the added new journey step layout I just thought I might ask.

Im pretty sure Mek-kamoses spire was a no-build zone already. Nothing changes in this respect.

There is the question where physically the new dungeon is located, but I doubt we have anything to worry unless there has been major mods in use.

Imagine creating new character to find out you can’t finish journeys, because they are bugged :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

That may not be necessarily true. There was a spot that you could create a little stealth base at the top of the structure. A small anthill style hole between the structure and the mountain that was buildable. I’m curious if the no build zone expanded and now it’s no longer buildable space.

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Great place for my base there, I had. I think I can still fit…

The thought of every middle age person.

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It’s not about the size it’s how you build it that matters😁

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