Windows security says Battle Eye is unsafe

Windows 11 protection systems say Battle Eye is trying to access data it shouldnt.
I am skeptical of Windows demands, but in this case, I review the why, and I agree.
No more battle eye for me.

Yet another reason to avoid official servers.

Edit: Did some searches, apparently it also causes some anti-virus software to freak out and force scans thinking something bad is happening on the system, pegging the CPU. Good stuff, there.

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Does Battleye not have to launch to even start Conan? I thought it did.

You can choose to not install it, I never do. It just means you can’t play on officials, which is no real loss in my opinion.

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Did it say specifically what classification it was? Curious as to whether it thinks it’s an actual virus, or if they’ve classified it as a PUA (potentially unwanted application), meaning that it’s not specifically malware but falls more into the “crapware” classification.

Screenshot 2023-04-19 005102

Game and BE service running and no warning from windows 11

Ill say this once- if your on the internet - ISPs have your data , your address , your phone number and where you live.

So unless you work for some spy agency , no one cares about your system other than if your cheating and for optimization.


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Ah, gotcha. I only play on officials, so thats why I was thinking that. Thanks!

Windows protection can warn you about different things.
My problem with data is not “personal data” which I would not care any of the data in the computer I play being leaked. But yes, I do work for the government, unfortunately, but I use another computer to do so.

The problem is that BNet access data pertaining to other software which makes that software unstable and the potential conflict might cause the game to crash, or the other software to crash. The system in question is the memory allocation system, which does not allow one software to access internal processes from the machine directly.

If the developers of battle eye do need (and they do, as that is what the eye in battle eye means) to check if you are running certain types of sofware, they should ask windows from the administrator grant point of view, and not try to access the process from outside and check for it, because such practice open up battle eye for being used as a malware itself.

Windows is not against anti cheat software, and has its own system that allows anti cheat software to work. Battle Eye just is not corretly made to work with windows, and instead try to work on windows, which I agree with windows, is not the way to do it.

If your windows is with the protection turned off (which is the default setting) it wont alert you about that, nor it will alert you about N number of other programs that maliciously do it without even needing it, such as “one of the most used messaging apps in western world” and one of the “nice meme generators many people use”, all using the same technique of seeing what you running in your machine without consulting windows for it.

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False positive, simple as that.

I’m actually more surprised that Battleeye hasn’t found Windows 11 as being unsafe. :rofl:


False positive is when the thing IS NOT doing what it is detected doing.
BE DOES what it is said to be doing.

A false positive can also be being told something is trying to hack your PC when it isn’t.

If it’s classified as a PUA, that would not be wrong.

Well, I don’t want to use BattlEye, so I guess that makes it a “potentially unwanted application”. Then again, I don’t want to use Windows 11, either.

It’s been a feature of various security software since the 1990s that they tend to be suspicious of each other, as each identifies the other as software that “spies” on the computer. And the recent update to Windows Defender also made a mess with games that utilize some sort of anti-cheat software:

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I see.

Well i dont get on the internet if i dont want people to see what im doing.

Its probably why i dont see alot of issues because all data is sent to funcom about what i do with their product.

That way they know whats working with my system configuration and what isnt.

So … if the choice is to use DMA protection or use BattleEye, the choice is obvious to me. Stop giving Funcom money. As simple as that.

Or don’t run window 11.

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