Wishable bosses or battles

Have you ever wanted to challenge in combat a character of the Secret World (TSW/SWL/ThePark/H&S) so they would be forced to reveal their true power in the face of death ?
You can name anyone, there’s just one rule : You gotta write down what you expect from the battle.

Context excused, i’d like to battle and witness the secret strengh of these characters :

  • The Dragon (i’m practially sure he’s godlike)
  • Kirsten Geary (i wanna spank that b**** since forever, i’m sure she knows a few tricks)
  • Nassir (grenades, bombs, boomfest all over the place and kamikaze final attack)
  • Daimon Kiyota (he’s just hiding waaay to many things, i expect anything from that chaotic buffoon)
  • Cassandra King (she’s special, but how much ?)
  • Khalid (full biblical power ON MY FACE PLS)
  • Hayden Montag (high-level magus with dangerous knowledge, what else ?)
  • Saïd (show me your mummy mojo, you rich zombie)

Wait, no love for Richard Sonnac?
He’s a Templar. Kicking ■■■ is a requirement for the job even for the paper pushers.
I’ve always seen him as a mage. Maybe some medieval weaponry like swords or axes. (Or both. A flaming sword would go with the whole ‘Angel’ motif they’re going for in his cutscenes.)

Edited for spoilers. Apologies. As a vet it’s sometimes a bit hard to grasp what constitutes a spoiler or not.

Mihas Blaga or all three blaga brothers. They can fight werwolfes bare handed, they could pummel a bee to a pulp.

I tought about Sonnac but i can’t name everyone.
I think he’s rather a gentleman swordman, with something typically templar or barbaric in his sleeve, like flaming sword. He’s basically Funcom’s Tyraël.

Adrian Zorlescu: Not that I expect any significant abilites or challenge out of him, beyond possible minor magical training. I just really want his plot armor to fail so that I can kill the cowardly, manipulative, abusive, [five minutes of progressively more creative expletives redacted]… many times.


Continueing with the guys in snazzy suits, I’ve always wondered what Berihun has up his sleeve that ‘Can make even a dead man scream’.

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Kurt plus tank. Lets get a true tank fight going that makes the manufactory look like childs play.

Followed by Kurt’s CO: I am beginning to suspect that this boss does not exist.


I do not make idle threats either, you mtf.

Che Garcia Hansson: Sure, he doesn’t look like much in KM, but given what we later learn about his involvement in one particular Morninglight member’s training, he’s really high up on my “now this guy might have more to him than it appears” list.

Carter…gotta see what she can do if she actually tries to kill us. She is a magical nuke.

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Dame Julia.
The world needs more older women that can kick your behind.

Norma Creed. Legends have it she could kill Beaumont in hand to hand combat. #TotallyTrue

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Pit and Pendulum.

I expect a dicey tag-team battle with them supporting each other… and preferably in some narrow, opulent, typically Templar hall where there’s not a whole lot of room to tank them apart, thereby forcing the group to stay nimble.

For Sonnac. Nemo me impune lacessit.


You’re describing an Anor Londo dual boss fight in Dark Souls.

Pendulum smashing down on a defeated Pit and taking his powers does sound rather fitting for those two.

I imagine a fight between you and kid Dragon would be having to fight through a half-dozen waves of mook monks.

The final phase of the fight, the kid is finally exposed. Is he gonna do some crazy stuff? But he is just sitting there. You strike the kid once…and yes, he’s dead! Finally! You have won!

Then the post mission text says, “All according to plan.” It’s signed by the janitor who swept the floors in every cutscene.

We actually did get to throw down with Filth Montag in Tyler Freeborn missions, if you recall. Though since it was in a dream you could argue it doesn’t count.

Personally, I would love to fight one of those smarmy Templar guards in London, the ones who slag you off no matter what faction you are. I would hope the fight is short and we get the chance to punch them hard in the mouth, maybe knock a few teeth out. Also please make it a repeatable mission, so we can do it again whenever they talk about how they beat your faction in El Dorado.


That’s funny, whenever I visit them they try to date me.


She’d have to be a raid boss, I suspect she’d be seriously badass…


‘Wine Glass and Bottle’ - A normal attack that hits twice for 840 physical damage each hit.

‘Wistful Gaze’ - A channelled attack that hinders the target and drains 1 weapon energy each second for 15 seconds.

‘Laissez-faire’ - A Damage Over Time Debuff that deals 250 damage each second, Debilitates, Exposes and deals 21026 at the end of 180 seconds.

"Agartha is My House’ - Randomly teleports players 15 metres backwards or ejects them from the instance entirely.