Top 5 Adversaries

Who do you feel were the top five adversaries from the Secret World (tsw/swl)?

  1. Funcom management
  2. 4.8s
  3. lag
  4. You have been disconnected from the community server.
  5. Eblis : … and serve me they shall. Me : rice or noodles ?

In terms of game mechanics or story based aversarial nature? Like Sammael isn’t someone who we have actively fought, but he is responsible for a large number of challenges we need to overcome.

Adrian, and the faction won’t even let me sucker punch him

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1.Primordial Dweller
2.Blue&Red Namahage
4.Plamen aka the deadless that spawns stuff like daimyo
5.Effigy Z77 Vampire (S&P) aka the blood mage

My reasons:
1.He is a pug killer. It took me ages to take him down with pugs as he has so much stuff that can produce wipes if your team isn’T good or overgeared. So many deaths…more than probably any other dungeon boss even if every dungeon has one special boss in store for me.

2.While not dangerous anymore once you are a endgame player, the first time you encounter them they will be a pain by being hardhitting and both in one fight. It takes a while until you get the ip and the skill to really shut them down. Probably one of the toughest regular champions to fight.

3.Daimyo is one of the two enemies ingame that spawns ludicrous amounts of enemies and if you can’t stun him or burst him you easily can die just by the volume of adds he spawns. (He is the sidemission in kaidan you pick up at the bathhouse and have to kill a ghost near the top graveyard)

4.palmen is the version of the daimyo that you meet earlier than tokyo. He is the last enemy in A history of violins and a deadless that spawns endless zombies. Both wreck you if you don’t go in knowing what to expect and are prepared either gear or skillwise

5.Every time I see the blood mage vampire in S&P castle I get a little grumpy. Hardhitting autoattacks, and the bs heal that is real tricky to dodge if not interrupted make him a huge pain in the ■■■ among all old scenario bosses.


In no particular order, and a mix of mechanics and lore/atmosphere…

  1. Hardwired Fleshtank The mixture of Searing Brand being a one-hit KO in a lot of instances and fiery floors mean that this fight is a real test of a team. Even when a team has rushed through the first couple of bosses in HR, the Fleshtank can bring that run to a grinding halt.

  2. Ur-Draug While not a very difficult boss, when you’re new to the game and running your first story mode dungeon, you get to the end and are presented with this huge, Cthulhu-a-like being. It’s a real sense of wonder and amazement, and a nice big dive into the atmosphere of Solomon Island.

  3. Deathless In general I find this lot a little creepy, especially the first time you meet them. As you improve, they don’t cause a huge problem, but for a big part of BF and SF, they are a big challenge. Going into Iazmaciune for the first time is quite the experience.

  4. The Sum of Fears This one is less the actual boss itself and more the mission in which you find it. The abandoned FNF building is really spooky, and the way that this boss is presented as an amalgam of all the spectres you have come across on your way up is really cool.

  5. John We never meet him, but we sure as hell meet him. His ‘guidance’ during Nightmare in the Dream Palace as you go back through your previous fights is unsettling, and for someone who is merely a voice in your head, he’s one heck of an adversary. The way he straddles the line between amiable and evil keeps you wondering about his motives and reasons too.

Honorable mention: Little Ones What they lack in ‘being able to be killed’, they make up for in sheer NOOOOOOPE


I respect the OP and what they have done for the game and the community from way back when entirely too much to sully this topic with petty complaints about the game itself.

I’d rather do a “Top 5” list of adversary groups that are threats to Gaia, to Bees in general, or to the balance of power between the secret societies.

5: The Pheonicians
They always seemed like the weakest of the factions (as ‘governed’ by the Council of Venice). The least influential in the power-struggle, they also make fewer appearances in-game than the other adversaries on the list. An adversary I always wanted to see more of, yet, to be seen in their glory-days, you’d probably have to time-travel.

4: The Morninglight
They almost seem as inept as the Orochi, and at the same time, as un-influential as the Pheonicians. Even though this changes over the course of the game, I will never forgive them for making you guys pick corn. I mean, seriously.

3: The Other Factions
PVP. 'Nuff said. I always wanted to see more inter-faction espionage and political intrigue, but most of that is limited to the faction missions which aren’t too different from one faction to the other (meaning, it doesn’t matter which faction you’re playing as, the missions are more or less the same). But, still very satisfying missions none-the-less. Hearing/reading the factions views of each in cut-scenes and mission turn-in texts was even more satisfying, however.

2: The Orochi Group
Ever to be lol’ed at. Never to be underestimated. You really got the feeling these guys were going to be the big-bad from right off the start, and I’m glad it ended up that way in Tokyo. The Orochi tower was great, and the lead-up throughout Tokyo was a really good build-up to that climax. +1 for taking TSW/SWL cyberpunk, too.

1: The Filth
The one adversary that cannot be contained, by neither the Council of Venice nor the Orochi Group itself. The Whispering Tide was one of the events that really made TSW and solidified the TSW/SWL community. And, it was really enjoyable, too. Plus, it gave us one of the best (definitely the most interesting, complex, and enjoyable) villains in the game: John.

Its cool. The topic is intentionally general and entirely up to member interpretation.
I encourage posters to critique and complain if they feel the need, as long as they stay within the forum guidelines, of course. What people consider an ‘adversary’ is wholly subjective, so there have been some answers that I would not have expected so far.

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To those hiding your post, truth hurts, ain’t it?

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In random order, but all top adversaries (to me) in TSW.

  • cheeseface (his slippery dash/AR build was fun to fight against)
  • Ciela <3 (because she manage to beat me and blow kisses simultanious)
  • Ilil (I think I never won a duel in Fusang)
  • Pixal (just because she is cool enemy to have a round)
  • PoundOfFlesh (most fun and tough duels)

Honorable mentions goes to nJinir, Havie and ICO or/and Shinsengumi premades :smiley:


I agree that powerwise / dangerwise they are below the other players on this list, but I disagree with the characterization that their glory days are behind them. They have some kind of presence in nearly every zone the PC has ever gone to, played a pivotal role in the Tokyo bombing and then actively prevented anyone from coming to help, and they have no qualms about going head to head with CoV or Big Three operatives. I believe Lydia is the only normal human being to go up against us multiple times and survive each time.

Given their wide influence, the chip on their shoulder for being treated like the runt of the litter in the Secret World, and their weapon experimentation which we glimpse in Venetian Missile Crisis, if anything the heyday of the Phoenicians is yet to come.

I still remember that moment, when I got into the content I had been waiting for for years. The confusion settling in as I pick 30 freakin ears of maize, and I wonder if Funcom is pulling a Blizzard and deliberately time-gating content behind dull daily quests. And then the kicker: “You have earned one point!” Sure, a half-hour later we are peeling the bracelet off some cultists’ corpse but I didn’t know it in that moment.

I felt like I got trolled pretty hard, it cracked me up later.