Witch doctor is purge level thrall

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[Witch doctor is a purge level thrall]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.tame a witch doctor.
2.make black and white dye
3.crafts at purge speed. Which is faster than named thralls
4.feel cheated for having defended and defended purges to get something special just to have it cheapened

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I really figured it was an honest mistake that would have been corrected at the next patch

This sums up my feelings too. Likewise, since it’s been previously reported, I’d thought it would have been fixed this patch as well.

Yep. Been playing the game since beta. Combo of the purge being broken and bad luck for us we never got a purge alchemist until about a month before the witch doctor got added

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Hello @Oides, thank you for sharing your concern with us.

We’ll poke the team in order to determine if this is intentional or not.

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Any chance you can reply when you get an answer?

when someone tells me how to get purge thralls (alchemist and more important a blacksmith) im ok with that witchdoctor not beeing able to make black dye. for me the purge did not really work. i build so much on my server now and i did not get any purge. on my old server i got a purge but that was a sandreaper purge at level 40 or something like that with a worldboss in the end that destroyed me - so no thralls for me… would be nice if there is a possibility to get a purge to farm for theese thralls than.

I’ve found the northern area of Crown Grove (i.e. A9, B9) to be excellent for capturing purge crafters. The thing is, if you have a LOT of bases, then your chances of actually getting the purge you want decreases significantly, since there’s a chance it could hit any of your sites. Therefore, your best bet is to simply have a single base so you can ensure where the purge will strike.

Since having a single base isn’t practical for a lot of folks, what you can do instead is start up an alt character using Steam Family Share (or the console equivalent) with just that one spot as their base. You’ll have to keep them logged in sufficiently to build your purge meter up, but after several months in that spot, myself and another clan have so many purge crafters that we’ve pretty much supplied the rest of the server even after upgrading the crafters at all our bases and outposts.

BTW, as another word of advice: I’d recommend keeping your base’s overall foot print compact on the alt account so that you can get from one side to the other quickly when the purge attacks. A peaked roof or central tower you can quickly ascend to will also help with spotting where the attack originates from. Lastly, make sure all your thralls are equipped with the best truncheons and heavy armor you can afford.

Also, how much you build is irrelevant if you’re not online enough to counteract the amount by which the purge meter drains when you’re offline. IME, the purge meter loses about a quarter of the bar each day you’re offline (i.e. roughly 1% per hour). So if your play time is limited, you may want to stow your gear in a chest* and simply go AFK to prevent that from happening.
(* this way, when you die repeatedly, you won’t lose your gear)

Good luck!

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Sure thing, we’ll let you know as soon as we have any information to share!

We still have 100s of black & white dyes from the meteor showers. Now we have a box of witch doctors, and a purge alkie to boot.
When EA players come back after being gone for up to a year. I give them black or white dyes as a welcome back present. Its a royal armor thing…

We use 3 witch doctors in our mess hall. No need for anything else.

Dont tell FUncom, or Ill have to break out the purge thrall if I ever run out of dyes.

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i believe that now we have him aroudn 5k black and white dyes should be scheduled… who knows u may feel to wipe him like Vathis… let players enjoy a purge thrall, they should spawn in the world also, but maybe make super rare the spawn?

That wouldn’t be bad. Just put the production speed back down to a named thrall. Maybe even change the recipe for the dye for him. Purge thralls should have something special about them other than the speed. Special recipes and crafting that makes them different from the world named thralls.

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We’ve got confirmation that it’s not intended but it’s also possible that it is kept as is, so we’ll register any feedback we find in this regard for the developers to consider for future updates.


Hey hugo any response from the devs about durability mods not working on glowing sticks anymore after the update??

just keep the witch doctor in the game now. everybody got the black/white dye already, would be unfair for everybody starting new or not having noticed that.

maybe even add a possibility to get the other purge thralls without purge - not a simple way, thats not what i am asking for but some rare spawn or farmable in a dungeon. i think i will never get thralls from a purge but i would really like to have them…

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I agree with this. Keep it in, lower the speed to a named thrall speed and add a purge thrall alchem that does something different/special. Makes a mod kit removal oil or something silly like that

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PLEASE do consider keeping it as-is. Purges are by design only available to people who play a lot. This is, as per previous queries on the matter, intentional since Purges stress the game servers etc.

Now a best-of-both-worlds solution would be to slow the Witch Doctors down to “regular T4” level in terms of crafting speed, but let them keep their special recipes. That way getting the Purge thralls would still be something extra, without locking a lot of things behind a must-dedicate-life-to-game iron curtain.

Edit: Alternately, change things so it’s possible to build up the Purge meter over time, and I’ll be happy to fight for my Purge thralls like everyone else. But currently, the meter goes down way faster than it goes up (by design) as soon as you go offline.


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