With all the changes. A kind letter from a fan since Early acces

I see the game goes up and down over the last 2 years. Currently, the past 3 months has been somewhat stable with decent numbers based on Steam Charts.

Many players are more casual in comparison to MMOs players where they may play once or twice a week. I certainly do not play every day.

I think the game will do fine while they keep updating will keep players or have players return like before. The game will always fluctuate during the year.

The gaps left to fill with unwield+wield gone: - Conan Exiles / Suggestions - Funcom Forums Please check this one out for maybe a deep dive into the topic - involving ways of improving the game but also to maintain the final dicission made by funcom. I think in general these are great ideas.

Why return back to 2018, while game still have bugs from 2018.

I know what op means, most of my players, and friends left the game, they even torrented previous versions just to play without some of the hideous updates done over years.

Than again, its not feasible, funcom can barely manage the day, I cannot imagine them to bring back something which is long gone.

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Yes I am in that server thing aswell, i think i know ur friends

The game had bugs yes, but funcom should launch an idea of lwtting players simply choose a patch rather than this very difficult process so that players can choose their own experience

Sometimes games goes in directions that r not suitable for the current playerbase.

I think in general they need to consider their updates heavily as the recent being weapon swapping, it didnt need fixing on pc but could show as a valid improvement on xbox & ps also when siptah receives updates, it should not always affect exiled lands as the core map is diffrent take horses in that example

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There is a discord for that. You can download older patches if you own the game.

https:// discord.gg/c2ARUFqv

Remove the space in the link. Funcom restricted my account. I can not post links or pictures anymore.

I am part of it already but thanks brotha :sunglasses:

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