Are we ever getting back the game we actually paid for years ago?

like the title says, will we ever get the game we paid for back, aka the conan exiles version before that age of nonsense started with the battlepasses, bazaar and balance crushing nonsense like sorcery, golems and whatnot?

like seriously, it should’ve been the most natural thing to offer said version as a legacy version on steam (hello, the beta tab is there for a reason, you know?) so people got a choice if they want to keep what they paid for or if they want to participate in this ongoing mockery that’s purely fueled by greed to milk the title to oblivion and back with the most incompetent and lackluster additions imaginable…

honestly, i loved this game and the setting quite a lot until that age of nonsense started, poured in over 2k hours over the years but with what became of it by now i get so disgusted after just a couple hours i don’t even want to touch it anymore and ultimately just feel scammed/robbed…


Short answer? No, Funcom won’t revert the game back to pre Battlepass mode. Nor will there be any chance of Legacy Mode servers due to the age of the game and player population, it’s just not financially viable. This isn’t World of Warcraft. However, if you’re desperate, it’s possible to play pre Battlepass mode by uninstalling Conan Exiles, then reinstalling it offline. No updates. No dlc.


umm yea, i’m not asking for servers here, heck, i wouldn’t ever play on them anyways, i want the pre age of nonsense game client being made available without hopping through any illegal loopholes!
the steam version get’s installed with all latest updates included (thanks to no older versions being listed in the beta tab) so the only way for me to play what i actually paid for would be piracy and well, i hopefully don’t have to explain why i don’t wanna dip into that -.-

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No, you can legally go for any game on Steam to SteamDB and download older versions via it’s manifest there in the Steam console.


The monetization is the least of my concerns.

Playing the game was a lot better back in the day… before Age of War.

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You ever get this deja vue feeling. I mean you read something that sounds so familiar, but posted by some new name.

Should I link you to your 3 previous threads on this subject and save us all doing this yet again?

My opinion people are having false remembrances of the previous game, that was so bad I quit it. The devs have constantly been working on the game mechanics, I think it was 2.3 when i quit because I was FTFU with it. I forget what they broke but it was my last straw at the time.

I think people want to remember the game as better when it actually wasn’t.

Nope no reason 2

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would that include the version with all DLCs i bought?
would i be able to host a server (dedicated one) with that so my friend and i could play together again?
honestly, never did anything like that before because no other game actually forced me to do circus tricks just to keep playing the game i paid for…

not really the case for me tho, i was playing with a friend (fresh playthrough) and then that age of nonsense started about halfway into the run and honestly, both of us felt like quitting right away…
we decided to give the 2nd age of nonsense another chance just to get even more disgusted right away, so no, i don’t overglorify the game from before, this age of nonsense simply was a downgrade in every way imaginable and utterly crushing the little bits of balance we actually had before with broken sorcery, golems and totally messed up combat reworks…
not to mention those ugly as F fatalities we got now, checked a video of it and was like, wtf did the fail-com devs smoke this time to think this would be looking anything but ridiculously bad?

So basically you started playing after the game got so bad i quit.
The only reason I came back was the game was finally moving forwards. As far as I’m concerned all of 2.0 was the game stagnating.

not really, i got it basically day 1 of steam early access.
it’s just that with sandbox games like conan, 7 days to die, ark, terraria etc i tend to do a playthrough to a point where i beat the living crap out of it and get bored due to no bigger challenges being available, then quit it for a few months and return starting another such run.
and on the last run i started with a friend that abomination named age of nonsense was forced on us literally ruining the run halfway in with all the garbage they farted out with it…
like seriously, legendary weapons just for slugging 2-3 easy as hell beatable “sorcerors”?
absolutely broken op sorcery armor and weapons?
and then the deal with those golems?

it’s simply ridiculous how they ever thought this would be an addition that should ever leave the planning board…

and don’t even get me started on that blatant money grabbing with that obnoxious predatory pseudo currency on the bazar and their messed in the head battlepass nonsense where you won’t keep stuff in a new playthrough even if you bought it…
a friend of me did the mistake of getting the first battle pass, completed it and changed the SP map from exiled lands to siptha later on just to lose literally everything he paid for, nice scam right there fail-com -.-"

Yes, you can download the corresponding server for the client version as well. Needs to match dates.

And DLC will be available as long as they are supported with the game version. (For example a client version, that was released at the end of 2018 will not have future DLC like Turan etc.)

hmm, guess i might consider that in the future…
but then again, even having to jump through all those loops just to get what i paid for screams for reimbursement from fail-com, i mean i paid for a game to have fun, not to work my butt off just to keep a playable copy of it…
especially when it would be as easy as hooking certain versions as legacy versions in the beta tab =/

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To quote my friend @Barnes: I smell socks.

Short answer: no. Long answer follows.

There are two possible ways to give you what you and all of your forum alts keep asking for. One is for Funcom to invest into creating and maintaining a “classic” edition of Conan Exiles, based on an older version but with Battle Pass and Bazaar built on top. The other is to offer an older version, as-is and without any additional development and maintenance, to be downloaded and played with no effort required from the players.

The former is not going to happen unless the interested players do the necessary legwork, like it happened with other video games: the players make the effort to host and promote an older version of the game on their own, and it becomes popular enough for the studio to take notice, run the numbers, and say “we want in on this action”.

The latter is not going to happen, period. We might criticize Funcom for a whole slew of reasons, but they’re not idiots, and it would take a colossal act of idiocy to remove all friction from getting your hands on the version of game that doesn’t give the players any option to spend money on it.

Fortunately, that legacy version you and your alts pine for is already available on Steam. All you have to do is invest some effort of your own. If you can’t be bothered to do it, that sends a pretty clear signal about your level of interest.


So basically you missed a good portion of the game when it was at it’s worst and want that back, gottcha.

I have to ask, why are you still playing? Seems you hatred the game piratically since you started playing again.

funcom does not have a gun against your head forcing you to shop the bazaar, do what I do and just don’t.
I have all my battle pass items on all my games. And you don’t actually pay for anything in the battle pass. The pass gives you the ability to earn those items through play, unless you buy it out right and skip the grind. I bought the first pass and each has paid for it’s self since, so free stuff.

I have paid a lot on this game, and I for one dont want it to ever be back the way it was years ago. It is better the way it is now.


I got Conan the first time it went on sale after it was dropped EA. Think it was right after the first big update.

For me I better get 10 hours per dollar out of a game. Enshrouded still owes me 40 hours. Not the worst offender on my list. Raft still owes me 120 hours.

But my investment in to Conan so far is $125{?}. Including time on test live I have right close to 8K hours in. Think I got the game I paid for, and the DLCs, and the battle pass.

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When I play Conan, if I don’t enjoy a particular Age or Chapter, I’ll take a break and play a different game, then come back to Conan when the next Age or Chapter begins.

People still on that bubble measuring a Sandbox Survival Game with RPG aspects by the metrics of a Theme Park MMORPG (eg World of Warcraft).
Probably most people wont care for that argument.
I myself dropped hours I dedicated to WoW, FFXIV and other Blizzard games in favor of Conan Exiles for a reason, and that reason wasnt “backwards compatibility”.

This tiny little map?

No thank you.

I like the larger map, I think I’ll stay.


Dont think it was exactly that he meant. Probably he meant somewhere pre horses. Wich could be 2019 and before that. 2019 the map was as big as it is now.

Well it’s probably the case that he wants one particular version, but so many of these posts don’t even really seem to know what they really want. It’d be easier to discuss if someone actually said “I liked version 1.3.2 the best” or some such…