Wlalls broke as I logged in - KEEPS BREAKING

Game mode: [Single-player)]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: PvE]
Region: EU]

Everything went great with the update last night, for the most part.

This morning, I log in, and I hear a breaking sound, and see my two layers of wall collaps.

It was sandstone built on sandstone ceiling tiles, suspended over water by pillar.

Unfortunate, considering that I can finally place building pieces with ease using a controller - and beore I couldn’t - and not to mention the obvious, who wants their building falling to pieces on them? lol!

How it was: (Taken after fix) :slight_smile:

Logged back in after above - and the same wall - broke!
(This shot shows the pieces)

note: you hear the sound of crumbling on log-in, and then it breaks, the two levels.
Also note, the piece Im using is a wedge piece with stone wall - though the other are fine…

Im on a small lake to the north east right above the desert - close to a lore stone.

edit: Putting a support beam directly under the wedge, worked - no more issues.
however, the mirror side does not have an issue, and there is no beam.

Hey @Dhaylen

Could you send us you game.db via DM so we can look into what could be causing this?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Will do…

Trouble shooting steps…

  • I placed a ceiling, to see if I could keep it together, and it broke.
  • Put a support beam directly under it, logged out and logged in - and it works!

note: Its great that it works now, but I would still like to send the .db because if you swim under, you will notice that there is no pillar on the mirror side of where I put this support beam - and it does not ‘fall’

(Thought it might have been my stations, but put them up and back, and no issues)

I would say that.

You station on the picture is cliping in the wall. This may cause this, may…
Never good anyway, they can easily be destroyed so, let still a good gap between walls and workstations.

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Just confirmed that it is the pillar.
Removed the pillar - logged out and back in, the wall crumbled.

While it may seem fine that the pillar is the solution, the mirror side of this does not have an issue.
(Have sent db file to @Ignasi)

Not a gamebreaker, though can feel like one when you don’t know the reason and workaround! :slight_smile:

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