Wolf Guards Question

We have a couple of bases on an official server and we keep getting wolves that spawn, but the issue is they have Wolf-Fighter-Guarding over their head like they are pets, sometimes they do nothing when we go by, sometimes they attack, there is 10 of them and we have killed them over and over, when they attack and we kill them they just respawn. We have killed hundreds of them now and they just keep coming back.

There are no bases near us, what the hell are they and why do they attack sometimes but not others. It is not all bad though because we are able to bring a 3 skull boss up the there and the wolves attack and we run inside, the boss kills the wolves but they just keep respawning until he is dead and then we loot the key.

place a couple of archers up on some foundations and place em under cross fire and wolf proble solved nomatter if they attack u or not :wink:

Got pets out there but they will not attack until these things go active for some reason, you can hit them all day and they take no damage at all until they activate and try to attack you…

How quickly do they respawn. Are they only active during raid time? It could be another clan messin with u, only wantin greater wolves and dumpin junk by ur doorstep

share a screenshot m8

That is two of them there are two behind me and the rest are scattered around me

What time is raid time on US servers… it is a pvp server I thought any time is raid time.

why not build something there if a clan is messing with you they wont be able to place it back.

Yes, that is obviously some other player’s pet in the screenshot.


that was what i needed to check! that is why i asked for a screenshot. so u play pvp…
someone leaves a pet there. @OP if this is @ur base and u have no need to stay hidden, just apply a build around (mere foundations should be ok , so the land is claimed and he will not be able to place pets thralls there.

those wolfs do not respawn. someone places them there.

Yeah somebody messin with u, Ive seen this tactic used when ppl r about to be raided too though soo…Do u have alot of gaurd thralls at ur base?

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