Temporarily, for God's sake, shut down the werewolf attacks


Werewolves spawning randomly during the night - that would be cool and ok , but they spawn really randomly and attack combat and non-combat thralls , even when I was offline

turn it off before you fix it because now a werewolf will just appear , kill a thrall/pet somewhere because they don’t fight back it and then maybe try to find the player.

if you can’t add something that works as it should - on an official server without mods - then don’t add it at all

I have contacted the whole clan and we don’t know what to do - we have bought BP and we want to fulfill it because it is interesting and we want our CP back , but we are afraid to play because we are pointlessly losing thralls


I haven’t experienced that but I can see it being weaponized in PvE environments that have their thralls on passive statue mode.

No, I still have a lot of thralls being used as land claims to deal with.

Is it just me or are the nights now real short and bright :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You can opt out of the hunt if you’re worried about them spawning on you. If you’re worried about losing thralls from people luring them over to your base then you’ll need to use walls or fences to keep your followers safe.

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Today I watched the video and found out that the prize bear is very weak, has zero leveling indicators and practically does not level up.
There is no incentive to hunt, IMHO.

But I have seen evidence from Wak that it levels into a utter beast.

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Well… at level 20, 57 damage to a crocodile… that’s very weak.
And in this video for some reason he has zero characteristics at all:

I’m not worried about it spawning on me. I’ll kill that werewolf in a second.
The problem is if it spawns somewhere else and kills a thrall because, thanks to Funcom’s brilliant idea, the thrall doesn’t fight him and gets killed.
But thanks for the advice and I’m done with the hunt, that should be enough - unless FC screwed that up too.


Keep luring them to me!!! ill take the fangs!

None of my thralls die btw since i can see the werewolf a mile away… :joy:

Are your thralls in the dark?

I don’t know if this matters but, most of my thralls are inside,
the few that aren’t are standing near lighting.

I’ve noticed I do not get attacked if I’m holding a torch, or near a light source.
And I’ve never lost a thrall or pet to the werehyenas so I wonder if light keeps them at bay?

Wow - devs put ONE mob in the game that attacks at night only- and the community freaks out.

I still havent lost ANY thralls to werewolf attacks.

All ones that arent in action are inside a walled barracks with light sources.

Ive never been attacked while inside my base.

Any decently equipped player dispatches werewolves with ease.

I went AFK once and came back i was dead. Went back to my corpse and sure enough there was a werewolf there. :joy:

AFK killers!

It’s happened on the official server I play on.

To nip it in the bud, it’s best to just lock up your thralls.

In Teleport pads put your dancer under the floor or above the ceiling. Dancers have a 2 Foundation Radius for the “Entertainment” buff.

The Werehyena has a lunge/reach attack so thralls on 1 foundation can get hit.

The problem is with other players luring the werehyenas to someone else’s base. It could happen intentionally by a new player simply seeking shelter. It could happen intentionally from a griefer.

It’s also possible to accidentally bring one into another players base without you knowing it because a lot of us are so used to going on the same path so much between Teleports you don’t realize something is following you. This has happened to me.

If you have thralls outside of your walls, accessible to other players, hide them.

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Yep, no more outside AFK for me. Only inside the comfort of my own home.

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If you go AFK inside your base with your followers, the werehyena will spawn inside and kill your followers if you don’t come back in time.

This only happens if you leave a door open to you from the outside.

If all entrances are locked it won’t happen.


This wrong, mine were inside my pvp base ontop a mountain you have to bat too and still killed over 20 thralls while I was logged off overnight. Fully leveled in strength kits. They do not pull agro so the thralls just stand there while they are slowly killed. We put all our thralls on pillars, praying that works as all the archers survived.

You’re cutting your sights off a bit too short. It might be more of an issue if somebody was walking by your place and just… Casually stopped for a while to watch your thralls die off much like @Taemien mentioned. Naturally, this would likely be done while you were offline. You can’t opt everybody in the server out of the Hunt. I’d be upset if I was currently playing on officials right now too.

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What server deacon?

You still have to have someone in the area, they just don’t randomly spawn.

@PhilC Take your pick of PVE publics, a lot of players use thralls for land claim because “hey they aren’t foundations and that is all that counts, right”?

A player likely took his time getting into your base and then waited until nightfall to inflict chaos.

You also play on PvP, it’s possible the werehyena works differently.

I can’t be for certain how it happened.