Wolf spawns/corpses

So there’s a place I normally start building, but post-patch that place now has a wolf ‘kill’ in it, surrounded by 3 wolves. It’s a pile of bloody guts that looks like they got an elk or something. Unfortunately, while I killed the wolves surrounding it, I’m unable to destroy the kill, and placing a foundation near it doesn’t seem to have affected its presence or the wolf spawning yet. Is this intentional? Is there a way to destroy or block this spawn so I can safely build in this area without having a pack of wolves at my front door?

This is part of the game now, just find a new place to build, the entire map was change to accommodate new things, a lot of places that people used to build are now occupied by something else.

To be honest-- critters hanging around human settlements and not being pushed out by hunting/construction activity in their immediate vicinity seems like more of a bug than a feature.

Looks like where you like to build is now the home of a field boss. You’ll need to find someplace new. On the upsade, you know where to kill the boss and loot keys. You might want to check the area around it for a chest with a legendary weapon in it.