Wolves - Everywhere...wolves!

Single-player: no-mods

Issue: I have a house on a nice little ‘pond’ in the north east of the map.
Pictured below you will see approx. 8 wolves (more are there) just ready to greet me! :slight_smile:

'Worst, travel to the south edge of the pond and there are at least that many, and more to the opposite side.

Just noticed this after the quick fix to the patch. (They were plentiful before, but now they are everywhere - literally)

note: I did not post this under two other threads that were similar - as they were specific that they are spawning on top of each other. (The one post clearly demonstrated this.)

Now, this could be what is happening, but I have not witnessed it - only noticed the multiple wolves, which potentially are part of the same bug as the other two.

having said that, feel free to merge this to the other threads.

update: logging out and back in clears it - at least.
(Should have known there was an issue as I saw many baby wolves wondering - though not tight/close together… so the duplication issue did not come to mind.)

You should try and dance with them. :slight_smile:



Funny thing is, logging out, and back in - reset it… played for a good while, and I did not notice the same issue. (Not sure what could have triggered it)

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