World bosses, and admin panel xbox one

Been playing single player, since game first came out. Is there a way to kill world bosses?, because, when I roam around in the map, I encounter these bosses, with 3 skulls…and well, it doesn’t make it fun to explore, when those creep up on you, or your pet. How do I get rid of them, from the admin panel?

@Coleman19 I been playing on ps4 since day one. Have a server I have not seen any settings to get rid of world bosses in game or on Gportal server settings. You can increase damage you and your thralls do or increase damage taken by enemies recieved. However that can cause you too kill thralls when trying to knock them out with a truncheon. Of course you could adjust those settings depending on what you are doing.

If you play in a single player game just build 1 random foundation where that world boss spawn and then exit/reconnect the game. Boss or not all npc around that foundation will be deleted until you remove that.

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I didn’t think about that have had players accidentally blocking spawning on my server.

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