World bosses used for defence griefing

Game mode: Online, Official, Any
Problem: Misc
Region: All

While you can setup defences to easily farm bosses, bosses are also used in an attempt to wipe any purge defence people have. The issue is that bosses can be pulled an unlimited distance from their spawn.
I suggest bosses gets linked to their spawn location. So they teleport and instant heals after a certain pull distance.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Aggro boss.
  2. Pull it to someone else base with thralls standing out in any way.
  3. See it wipe it all. Repeat if defence can kill it.
  4. Loot all thrall corpses.

WOW out of all the issues the game has you want them to focus on something that you can easily mitigate on your own.

Steps how not to be a noob.

  1. Build walls around your base (at least 3 high)
  2. Place all valuables including thralls inside of the walls.
  3. Ati-grief base complete.
  4. Kite world bosses to the base of idiots who have left their thralls outside.
  5. Enjoy the loot.

If I had a stack of bark for every time that’s happened to me…

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You only need 1 wall high to avoid any boss. But its another matter.

I dont see any problem here at all, actually, players who does that I call them smart.

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