Worshipper of Mitra

I thought I’d go out and see what a Worshipper of Mitra has to offer as a potential thrall. The 3 that are right around the altar (1 fighter and 2 archers) are probably the easiest exiles you will ever knock out. Once you hit one of them you will quickly realize that they don’t fight back. The two that are by the statue (a fighter and carpenter) do fight back. This looks like a glitch/over-sight to me.

Not only that but if you break a Worshipper of Mitra Archer in your wheel of pain you will find that they are equipped with a Falcata and a Hyrkanian bow. The fighters are only equipped with stone weapons. I think it has to do with the area designation for the Worshipper of Mitra Archer as the archers from the Den come with the Falcata and Hyrkanian bow. I think this too is and over-sight. I mean who in their right mind would go and get a Worshipper of Mitra to be their thrall? At least with the old non-levelling system that would be my mind set. With the new levelling system in place these exiles can actually be levelled up (and cheaply regarding experience) to become useful.

Steps to recreate:

  1. Knock out a Worshipper of Mitra Archer by the altar.
  2. You’ll notice they won’t attack back.
  3. Break them if your Wheel of Pain.
  4. Look at their inventory.

This is on SP Barbaric for both testlive and live.

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