Wowzer, nearly 100 gigs now

k i got bored and played death stranding (fkn wow, btw) came back today to see i gotta ban a clan but for the new update i gotta delete another game for conan (ps will let me dl soma again, i recommend that too). so, nooby question here, how much bigger can it get? is the new map gonna be another 100 lol? i got the disc, do u ppl w it downloaded have a special conan praystation?

congrats funcom, u now have as much of my memory as kmfdm lol

77 GB on PC.

PS4 pros have a 1 TB drive standard these days so while its a bit cumbersome to download at first, its not a huge problem.

I highly suggest swapping The stock HDD with a Sata 3 SSD (works only on a PS4 Pro).

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