Wreck of the Cleaver made into a (living) pirate camp

The use the undead have for a half rebuilt boat seems negligible; I think it would be a pretty great place to make into a (living) pirate camp as a kind of contrast to the peaceful castaway island not too far away.

I think you’re overthinking the nature of the undead. Zombie/walking skeleton type undead on the whole don’t typically do things like rebuild a boat because it’s useful for them. It’s usually because that’s what the last vestiges of who they were is driving them to do. Or because the necromancer who raised them ordered them to do it. Even if we were to assume greater intelligence, these are still sailors, and their perspective on their existence would still be colored by their former lives.

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I think you misread the post he was asking for a (living) pirate camp , meaning not undeads/skeletons

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I would definitely like to see some more non-summoned human camps. What would really be cool is a PvE arena where you pay to enter as gladiator to fight waves of thralls or beasts for prizes…like Mount and Blade Bannerlord does. Put it on a seperate small island where a Red Brotherhood Pirate King has set it up.

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I think you’re overthinking my initial post! :wink:

I just think that specific zone would have better flavor a camp of actual living pirates rather than the undead who currently occupy it as it already has a partially rebuilt boat along with tents and supply crates scattered about.

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