Wright Horse - bugged growth bonuses

Official PVE-C / no mods /EU PVE-C 6008 , gameplay feedback

Wright Horse - bugged growth bonuses , as pre wiki given Bark to Wright Horse to get +14% growth bust for Grit instead got +14 Agility, tested all non shade-spiced food from Wright Horse inventory menu - none bust Grit. Unable to mount up with E only using radiant menu option.


Look again

I’m not seeing anything that gives grit.

Looks like some mounts are bugged , depending with horse you get , with skin you apply. Others players replayed on Steam thread that issue effect Horses and Rhinos mounts tho not all , its looks like all depends on skin applied.

The wight horse in general seems buggy to me. You can apply a saddle to it, but there is no saddle slot. The model shows up on the horse, the stats change, but you can’t remove the saddle unless you swap it for another or break bond with the horse.

Also, mounting without a saddle, while that’s good for this particular mount, feels awkward. You have to use the radial menu since just pressing E opens the inventory instead. That breaks with the system we’ve been using since mounts were introduced.

One more thing. It’s not a bug, but more of a design issue. The mount looks really cool and I like it, but that wight flickering effect gives me a headache. I always avoided fighting wights or using wight minons for that reason. If there was a way we could disable that flickering, that would be great.

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If FC is still lurking here. I recommend ability to place saddle in the inventory menu but make saddle not render (ie invisible) so we don’t lose on of that great work done on it.

I said all these things the first week of test-live… showed a video of them too.

Can the player still get stuck on the fabric that drapes off the ass-end of the mount BTW?

Don’t know. Like I said, that flickering effect is a problem for me, so all I did was play around with it a little bit to see what kind of basic things could be done with it. Now it’s just parked in a corner gathering dust.

As much as I would like to use it as my regular mount, which would naturally lead to me discovering such quirks like the one you mentioned, I just can’t look at it for that kind of time period. It would be like staring directly at a failing florescent light for hours on end.

Yeah, they need to slow that flicker to about 1/20th or even slower - totally agree.

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