WTF is this damage?!?

Just a quick question for everyone. I recently came back, last time I played was late November of 2018, maybe my memory is wonky…but wtf is this damage that enemies/NPC’s are doing now?

I am in my mid-20’s (level-wise) camped outside NA, and both the wolves and the NPC’■■■■■ like trucks, if I make one misstep I lose half my hp and they take way more hits than I remember them taking, roughly double according to the wiki, but that can be inaccurate, so I ask here.

What is it, if anything, that I am missing? I am certainly not the best player but I was able to do almost all PvE content in this game 4 months ago without any issue, now everything trucks. What do I need to do differently?

Thanks for taking the time to read/respond to this thread and have a great day!

Yep they made it harder cause everyone was just cruising through the content and it was not very challenging.

Watch out for T4 fighters and those damn wolves! Even at lv60 if you are not careful those wolves can kill you…lol.

I personally am loving it, can’t just rush is in like a mad man and kill everything easily. Have to be careful sometimes.

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Any tips on what to do differently now? Also, are you aware of the numbers on the buff to enemy’s or a location where I could find percentages etc.?

The new class of critter bosses sure giving up good loot.
Pick axe every skull you see.
The hyena and croc live in my hood.
Its like Halloween everyday.

Not sure about numbers, just know they made NPC better fighters by using more combo’s and doing things like side stepping.

I play on PVE. Generally speaking I carry a shield around, and I have a T4 bearer decked out in the best gear I could get. I give my bearer a truncheon.

When looking for thralls I walk in with my shield up. This stops most normal attacks. Doesn’t stop bleed, sunder or stuff like that. But its good enough for me to get in close to check out what the thrall(s) are.

Then I let my bearer do most of the heavy lifting, especially if there are more than 2 NPC’s. I’ll walk around and try and get cheap shots…lol. Eventually my bearer will knock them out. Before I had my bearer I was using a T4 fighter, like janos. I died a lot…heh

If you just want to kill everything, then give your thrall a shield and axe (or whatever), and let them do most of the work. I like to target enemies from behind. If they are stuck on me, I will just keep my shield up till my thrall gets the attention again.

I also used a bow to draw out the enemies. My tried and true tactic that seems to work often and takes a bit of practice. Run the hell away when it looks like I am not gonna do too well. Knowing when to run is vital!

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I think the mounds may be easier at that level. Use a good damage weapon on the wights as bleed no longer affects them (or run away from them). It’s important that you don’t let them hit you as they will corrupt you. I find the axe HLHH combo works well for this, but attacking 2 or more as once is risky.

For the Cimmerians a dagger works well, though again make sure they don’t hit you as they pack a punch. Get a stack of bleed on them and then avoid them while they die. If 3+ agro you at once it might be better to run away.

The main issue at NA are the wolves. They are difficult to outrun and much harder to kill without getting hit. And then there’s the dreaded corrupted wolf…

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