Wtf, this game was way to expensive to not be able to even sign in!

This is absolutely unexceptable. I have been playing this game for a few weeks and as of 3 days ago have been unable to get past the screen were you chose online or story mode. It gets that far every time I attempt to play, an goes to a liading screen just to boot me to my dashboard in the next minute or so. I feal that this is a pretty big issue considering I payed for the game and all DLC content excluding the newest release. Also had a question about why they incuded the wedge building pieces when they dont match up when trying to incorporate that and regular foundation into my designs?

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Usual questions to try to eliminate some usual suspects - are you running any mods? (Also, is your OS Win7? - the issues with this started earlier, so I’d guess your issue is different, but still worth checking)

Not sure what you mean with the wedge pieces. If you mean the physical shape, they should line up. If you mean some of the patterns on top, then yeah I don’t get that one either (but I may have some tips that can help with some of the patterns so they’re at least less glaring).

Hey @Wielywillie

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