[XB] Fabric/Hair not flowing

Platform: Xbox
Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug | Performance | Misc

Hello, first off I want to apologize if I have not filled this out correctly, or tagged it properly. This is my first time making a post on the forums!

Alright, this is more of a graphical issue(?) than a serious game crashing bug. I have noticed that on the PC version of the game fabrics and hair actually ‘flow’ in the wind, whereas in the Xbox version hair tends to stick to your back and fabrics remain static and stretch with leg movements.

But when I press ‘start’ and go to the character menu/inventory the fabrics and hair on the preview of my character are flowing like they should.

I find it a little annoying and it ruins the grandeur of the armor.

Actually it’s an issue on both XBox and PC at the moment. The animatations just seem to…stop. The devs are aware of it, but are focusing on fixing the larger game breaking bugs at the moment before Day One. Don’t expect to see work on this until after launch.

Thank you very much for informing me, I appreciate it!

Yeah, I knew that this was going to be low on their list of priorities. No rush here, just wondered if anyone else was having problems. It’s not exactly flattering to see a narrow piece of cloth stretch out with the legs. XD

Once more, thank you for the quick response!


This has also happened to me (on PC) and I struggled a bit to understand why it was happening. I know what I did for the bug to go away, but still don’t understand why it keeps happening.

When you start the game(as in after creating the char) everything is fine, but as soon as you die or a purge is unleashed, the hair and armor get “stuck”. What I found myself doing was making sure that there was no other body of mine on the ground (dead) and that the NPC that sometimes the purge summons to attack you is also gone.

I still have the video of that happening, so you may somehow understand what I just tried to say :slight_smile:

Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oJBA1ITz3TK2RIhm-bLx-0pY1XPx_Ing/view

Try and see if it also works for Xbox! :+1:
Good luck!!

i’m having the same problem. Back when I used to play EQ 2 they had issues like this with cloth simulation after you would zoom out a little. I hope they fix it, i’m on Xbox one X and before the last patch I had never seen this happen in Exiles before