Xbox and PC crossplay

Why in 2023 is there not crossplay between the 2 Ark has done it very well and it could really breathe life into Conan for us all to be able to play together on the same servers even if only for player made servers it should be an option

Not only shouldn’t there be crossplay between PC and Xbox, but there shouldn’t be cross play between Gamepass and Steam/EGS.

Microsoft has too many issues pushing updates which Steam and Epic Game Store has Zero issues with. So I will not accept having to wait a few days to a week or two just for Microsoft to approve of something like a major update or hotfix whenever they ‘get around to it’. Nor would it be acceptable for xbox users to wait a week or two (and their stuff decays in that time) if said servers update and they have to wait.

Get Microsoft to push updates as soon as Funcom lists them, then it could be a possibility. Until then, very very hard pass here.

Oh and get them to allow mods freely as well. Because we cannot even play together unless using the same modlist anyway.

I see Zero benefit to playing with Xbox players unless those two conditions are addressed. Once they are, I’ll happily accept controller using loot piñatas.


There should be crossplay between pc and xbox. I like the idea VERY MUCH.
So i AGREE!!!

What you mean rag ? :face_with_peeking_eye:

I suspect the core reason is mods, and the mess that’s been created by having two different “versions” of the game, one for Steam and the other for Game Pass. Unfortunately (or in some cases, perhaps fortunately) consoles will never be as configurable and user moddable as the game is on PC.

Gamepass can use mods, they just can’t get them from the Workshop, they can do the same measure as Epic Gamestore.

The issue with Gamepass is when Funcom pushes an update on PC, Steam and EGS post them immediately. Microsoft can take 2-3 days on average to post the update with some users taking 5-7 days or longer to see the update.

For some reason Microsoft has an issue with Gamepass recognizing when it needs to update. Because Steam/EGS quickly update, server admins have to decide whether to push the update for their servers immediately so Steam and EGS users can continue playing, or simply not have anyone be able to play for days as they wait for the majority of Gamepass users to receive their updates. To which Gamepass users don’t all receive them at the same time.

Microsoft needs to clean up their act here.

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Ouch related to Microsoft store. Makes no sense as you say for such a long delay.

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