[Xbox]Building/Upgrade structures bug

Since update 33 I have found a very frustrating building/upgrade bug.

Yesterday when upgrading my northern base I replaced a bunch of sandstone foundations and the ceiling/floor of the entire second floor with insulated wood pieces and noticed that after relogging into the server all of the crafting stations and chests disappeared. Everything that was placed on the second floor and a good portion of things placed on the first floor disappeared.

I asked my friends and clan mates to check their bases and only one had a few things missing, so I wasn’t sure if it was a one time occurrence.

Last night I went down to my southern base and did some upgrading. Right before I logged out for the night I upgraded the ceiling/floor of my southern base to stonebrick and when I logged in this morning I noticed all the beds and everything placed on the second floor that I upgraded last night were gone.

Before the update I never had this issue and could upgrade an entire base without losing anything.

Hopefully you guys can get this fixed with a patch.

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