Xbox Hotfix (11.06.2019) - General and exploit fixes plus stats reset

I’d be happy if just the lag would be fixed. My fights against npc they just disappear, my animal fights nothing after they are dead or sits and doesn’t help until I’ve almost killed attackers. These things are a much higher priority to me.


Muchos GB,s para tampoco…no?

When can my base spawn in like this again?


I remember it being said on one of the live ■■■■■■ streams before that the base version was to be updated/replaced and that would stop the Xbox having massive DL’s every time and yet here we are yet again with a total reinstall, i have to admit even I am thinking about just unstalling it completely and not bothering anymore.


60 gb for a “hotfix” is meh…

It appears the exploits being fixed required changing the base game files. So basically it required a full reinstall of the game.

I don’t like having to reinstall a game, much less download that much data, but hopefully this won’t happen often.

I, for one, appreciate Funcom fixing MAJOR game breaking bugs/glitches/exploits. I personally have experienced a toxic group of players using these exploits and it can ruin the game for everyone. I can deal with having to wait a couple of days to download the game if it means not having to deal with those exploiting ********.


I agree. Many of the things that were game breaking or that were causing me to take long breaks with the potential for not returning have been fixed. Most of what i encounter now are just inconveniences. Also, i appreciate the responsiveness of the community team regardless of the large amounts of salt they get. Not to mention i think i only paid 20 or 30$ for it during beta (if i remember correctly) and i have been putting more time into this than any big title game i have

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Don’t forget to mention the anniversary dlc… For all the loyal players… 10 € for 5 helmets and a couple of statues… Funcom now has a worse Dlc-Politics than EA (didn’t even think this is possible…)

That’s what I am thinking about right now too. Guess ARK is now the better option for sandbox-gamers.

I guess it’s too late if future updates will be “significantly smaller in size” but a heads up on the massive size of the update would have been a good idea.

I say this as someone who just bought the game for Xbox on disc because I thought it would save me twenty or thirty gigs of downloading. Instead I got 1.09 Gb installed from the disc and had to download another 75.76 Gb. Now I’ve got a disc that is a liability instead of a convenience.

Finally finished this download and two days later here’s another sixty gigs. If I’d known it was coming I would have just waited.


Having finally finished downloading the game again I find that everything I have built has gone just a few thralls left without anywhere to sit lol lots of time and effort wasted.

I play on xbox. I play official PVP servers. I’ve been playing sense early access. I’ve been having the same bug occur every day. I’ll just be playing with a full inventory and I just get dashboarded. I’ll log back in and it dash boards me again, I’ll even play single player for a half hour. Still dashboarded. I even plugged my ethernet cable straight into my xbox and the same thing. I have to wait 24 hrs just to play again, and I still might get dashboarded. I’ve played ark and never had this problem. It’s not my internet it’s your game. Plz fix this for the love of god plz fix it.

You certain someone isn’t DDOSn you? Reset router & IP and check that friends list closely.

This is a daily accurence. Theres like 4 people online during the hours I play. I’m not fighting with any one so what would be the point of dosing me.

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I must admit that I was so overwhelmed having to redo my Attributes and Feats that I miss allocated and gave up. since i’m a solo/offline player it was time for a fresh restart anyway :slight_smile:

Whenever i get dashboareded i just go to single player an play offline for a min or two go back to online and im good for the day unless i stop playing then i come back then i repeat


:frowning: Yet another massive update. I didn’t want to DL that last 20 gig update, now there’s a 60 gig one.

Funcom, y’all realize people have monthly data limits, right? Why do you do this to us? There has to be a better way.

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New patch is out!

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